Cistern Broke?

This Sunday morning, I’m confronted with an infrequently faced affliction of bearing little interest in writing. In fact, I’d go as far as claiming, as things stand, yours truly would rather consume all three jars of incredibly hot chilli jam received as a Xmas gift than draft this prose.

That being said, due to concerns acquiescing to this current indifference may navigate me on a rocky road of indiscipline, I’m still determined to put metaphorical quill to parchment. As much as I’d like to forgo today’s tarry into Lexicology Land, succumbing to this rarely seen inertia isn’t an option.

Footnote – Lexicology Land, is the creative theme park existing in my capricious mind. An epiphany fertile place where I’m provided with innovative ideas, grammatical support and a free Big Mac meal….. Yes it’s even got a McDonalds! Although, under COVID restrictions, its currently drive thru only.

Anyhow, hopefully this lethargy is only making a brief demotivating tarry. Subsequently, I’ll plod on with this chronicle of daily observations; irrespective of being minus the spark and verve which ordinarily accompany me at the writing desk. I know from experience that when penmanship esprit is lacking a worthwhile notion often reinvigorates it a level or two.

Being on my Jack Jones (my own, for the uninitiated) for weeks now, like many globally, I’ve only crossing the residence’s threshold for essentials such as food, drink and raucously yelling the word “Aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh!”. Consequently, there’s a fair to middling chance that prevailing life events are a significant contributing factor to my current lack of brio.

Life bereft of daily change is, what my friend Terry Tourettes (TT) may class as, “A right load of bollocks!!” Although a true observation, my previous sentence would move TT to suggest “That’s stating the f***ing obvious, Gary!”…….. That being said, as it was Terry who wrongly advocated I’d feel better from shouting “Aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh!” on my front doorstep, I could easily respond “What the hell do you know about anything, TT?“.

My penmanship lethargy isn’t alway to my detriment. There’s days when I’ve really got to drive myself to conquer indifference at waxing lyrical which I find constructive to my penmanship tutorial. For instance, these episodes can drag me from the comfort zone I normally reside when topic epiphanies gush as powerfully as my toilet overflow emissions.

Well, like my toilet overflow emissions gush when the cistern’s cut off mechanism is broken. Which, as it isn’t at the moment, perhaps makes it an incorrect simile to utilise at this juncture…… Actually, there’s no perhaps about it, the fact the ballcock is in full working order makes my example a ridiculously arbitrary.

I think today’s apathy at putting font to Word document is also a consequence of a dreadfully broken sleep yesterday evening/night. GJ Strachan waking on several occasions; times such as 2am when I spent half an hour listening to an audiobook; followed by at 4am spending half an hour watching the latest US presidential videos on Facebook.

At 6am I also lay for ages worrying about the cost of being on a water meter with my toilet cistern currently overflowing….. Oh, hold on, I made that up didn’t I!….. As you were.

So you could say my prevailing lethargy is in part self-inflicted. As the Cheltenham Society of Writers & The Sleep Deprived are oft prone to highlight “Insomnia and blogging are unnatural bedfellows.”

Oh bollocks, I’ve gonna have to go. It looks like my toilet overflow is now really gushing forth water…… My and my fate tempting big mouth!!

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