Gleeds Fest

It’s been best weekend yours truly’s experienced for many a year. Leeds United’s promotion as champions to the Premiership, along with the successful relocation of an orange blossom bush in the garden (I celebrate in eccentric ways) sent GJ Strachan’s euphoria levels sky rocketing.

To clarify, relocating a garden shrub doesn’t really impart me with an adrenalin frenzy. The reference was made aiming to submit whimsy within the piece.

As you maybe aware, I’m not averse to a spot of horticultural maintenance. Mercifully, though, my existence isn’t so pitiful I’d mark my team’s return to the footballing big time by shifting an ailing bush to sunnier parts of the garden……. Ordinarily, I undertake flora and fauna relocation when celebrating news of ‘3 for 2’ yoghurt offers at Tescos.

As touched upon in yesterday’s blog Bring Out The Bielsa Seltzer!, I don’t normally achieve euphoria. The plateau of joy I normally attain usually peaks at 7 out of 10 on the Norman Wisdom scale.

Incidentally, my depressive episodes have been recorded on the same scale as low as -35. A juncture which when attained causes the scales to emit repeated panic stricken exclamations of “Mr Grimsdale!… Mr Grimsdale!

No, celebrating my teams newly achieved champion status results in the imbibing of beer/wine and the mass watching of YouTube clips showing euphoric celebrations from the club’s playing squad, backroom staff and supporters.

Incidentally, I don’t just drink beer and wine if Leeds United get promoted to the Premier League. Yours truly additionally undertakes the practise to celebrate any match win, not to mention drowning my sorrows after a defeat.

If they draw, I’ll still have a drink while rueing the dropping of two points. Outside of the football season I also maintain the routine, ensuring yours truly ‘hits the ground running’ when fixtures restart.

To crown being already made champions on Saturday, following Brentford’s defeat at Stoke, Sunday witnessed Leeds following this up with a fairly routine despatching of Derby County. As Paul McCartney once very nearly wrote in prose, “Yesterday, Derby were such an easy team to play!” 

Considering the squad had been heartily celebrating their promotion and championship win for two days and nights, it was an impressive performance from ‘The Whites’. Particularly when also taking into account several of the side’s starting eleven were fringe players with little first team experience.

Coach Marcello Bielsa’s charges proving that a pre-match preparation of copious imbibing of champers/beer, along with sleep deprivation, aren’t barriers to them prevailing in a game. Evidently, it takes sturdier foes to derail the Bielsa express train.

Anyhow, after a great few days, I’ve concluded that this euphoria malarkey is ok, isn’t it! I’ll have to make its acquaintance on a more frequent basis, checking my diary for a rendezvous in the not too distant future….. Next time I’ll bring doughnuts!

Right, enough of this literary glee fest , I’m off to Tescos to take advantage of that ‘3 for 2’ yoghurt offer…… Catch you from this cloud tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel.


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