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Musical Inquisition Afoot

This Thursday, I’ll be facilitating an online music quiz. My participants buddies from Gateshead, who’ll sup from an event melting pot including musical inquisition and performances of refrains they’ve penned, or covered.

At this juncture perhaps I should clarify, with the exception of myself and Mick, the main protagonists to this musical smorgasbord can all play instruments. At some point, and in many incarnations, they’ve performed music together on stages of iconic north east England boozers and clubs including The Bridge and The Forth.

These evenings of bonding as a group, both in practise and performance, forming decades long friendships steeped in alcohol and loyal companionship. Creating memories and hangovers which’ll venture aside them to the grave. Incidentally, I’m alluding to the memories that’ll occupy them on their sojourn through this vale of tears.

Despite many godforsaken hangovers over the years, even the sufferance consequential of Tim’s notoriously potent home brewed alcohol would eventually wear off. The Gateshead fella’s mind changing potion once getting my brother Ian so drunk he began ranting US band Green Day had been plagiarising his songs.

Stupefyingly inebriated and furious he wasn’t getting any royalties from the Californian group, as midnight passed our kid starting scouring a local takeaway menu. The catalyst to scanning this pamphlet a desire to locate a solicitor to litigate against the alleged robbers of his much-loved refrains

I wasn’t party to the contents of the eventual call Ian eventually made, but half an hour after he hung up the phone two pizzas arrived. I’ve absolutely no idea if the guy delivering the fare was a qualified solicitor, but I can confirm the food he brought pleasantly filled the hung pangs consequential of home brew misuse.

Likewise, I’ve absolutely no inkling if there was any truth in my brother’s fantastical tale of being denied recompense by a globally successful band for performing songs he’d allegedly written. On waking the next day with an empty pizza box on his head, our kid bore absolutely no recollection of his allegations; sheepishly remaining reticent to confirm if they bore one shred of truth.

However, to my knowledge, as Green Day have never released songs titled ‘My Shoes Are On Fire!’ and ‘Chip Pans Can Be Dangerous!‘, yours truly ultimately concluded no further probing on the topic was required….. Although, I admit, the exchange raised concerns our Ian’s songs were perhaps becoming a little too preoccupied with arson.

Anyhow, between now and Thursday evening I intend to write a series of music questions and mull over introducing some quirkier rounds. Initial notions on the latter including competitors guessing which Motown song I’m whistling; along with a round relating to football songs.


Intertwined with any elements I present, will be t’turns. Our Ian advises me he’s written a new song especially for Thursday’s event. I’ve not heard this musical creation yet, but I’d wager the lyrics will at some juncture include the topic of fire damage!

Hopefully, the episode can equal the jocularity present in the previous two Thursday evening quizzes the same sordid cast of characters have held. Brio packed events of which I’ve penned in greater detail within my narratives Cos All I Want Is You! and Starter For Ten.

Anyhow, I need to conclude this literary sketch at this juncture as I’ve a music quiz to plan. As I write, I’m pondering at messing with our kid’s mind by making the first question:-

“Name the writer of the Green Day hit ’21 Guns'”

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