Day ten of isolation amongst the hallowed halls and chambers of chez Strachan. I understand that description is rather grand for a three bedroomed detached house on the Leeds/Wakefield borders. However, the poet within me was loathed to embark upon today’s prose with a deeply unimaginative sentence, such as ‘Day ten of being stuck in this bloody house!’

On this prevailing sojourn, where I constantly endeavour to self-improve at my craft, I’m striving to introduce more poetic, erudite descriptives than I’d notate when embarking upon this literary expedition.

Of course, it’s a work in progress meaning my prose quality won’t consistently reach the plateau of which I aspire. However, as I feel yours truly’s penmanship has come on leaps and bounds in the half decade since the inaugural publishing of the now 1,800 plus journals, I’m not unduly concerned…….  ‘The devil is in the detail’ as the adage advocates.

Footnote – The Charlie Daniels Band also posited ‘The devil went down to Georgia’; additionally author Lauren Weisberger claimed ‘The devil wears Prada’. However, as those tales of folklore bear no relevance to today’s blog topic, I’ll not dwell further on those anecdotes about el diablo.

On reflection, though, I suppose beelzebub could perhaps receive further mention in literary despatches within these paragraphical ponderings. With the use of artistic licence, I could maybe tie the horned and cloven hoofed one into this essay as instigator of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with such flimsy circumstantial evidence to prosecute, I’ll leave those accusations to those with more theological leanings.

With deaths from coronavirus escalating daily, it’s encouraging that at least now we in the UK appear to be scaling up testing of certain groups (such as NHS workers) to identify if they’ve contracted the virus. Sadly, this a containment strategy, not a cure, but at least for the time being some will benefit from a hi-viz jacket being placed upon the invisible man.


At some point, either today or tomorrow, it’ll be necessary to tread the minefield which is the journey to purchase essentials from a local store. If truth be told, I’m unsure which products are deemed essential or otherwise. It’s vagueness recently resulting in an acquaintance enigmatically asking me if a DIY colonic irrigation set would be deemed essential.

It was an enquiry which I was unable to satisfy with any certainty. Although, before cutting all ties with this individual, I did venture the kit was unlikely to be deemed essential. Adding, though, if he wanted to risk having to explain to the police why a DIY colonic irrigation kit was essential, ultimately it’s his call.

I’m assuming real essentials are deemed to be the likes of fresh veg/fruit, milk, bread, eggs, tea, coffee, tinned veg/fruit, meats, condiments. Yesterday, I pondered how the difficulty at obtaining fresh and frozen vegetables would affect vegan’s ability to cook up a decent meal.

Also mulling over if vegans can’t get hold of veg do they become gans? Individuals who survive on a diet of spices and inhaling the fumes from the familial roast beef dinner. The poor so and so’s can’t even comfort themselves with a vegan sausage roll as, due to this godforsaken pathogen,  Greggs is bloody shut!

Hopefully, though, vegan’s are managing to gain some nutritional sustenance at this time of difficulties attaining main ingredients for their recipes. If not, make yourself a cheese sandwich and trough that!…… Go on vegans, you know you want to!!