This morning, I read on social media a person opine the advent of COVID-19 has created selfishness in a proportion of the UK’s population. Yours truly fully concurring with the selfishness accusation; however, I’d argue the catalyst of the self-centred behaviour isn’t the coronavirus.

In my opinion, this pandemic has merely brought to the surface conduct that’d always existed in a proportion of the populace, just not given the media exposure during lower impacting incidents.

It’s a shameful trait we’ve also witnessed in the UK during Black Friday; a day which turns electrical stores into latter day Wild West saloons. Situations when there’s a free for all, including fisticuffs, as hordes of consumers seek to secure a product (in some cases they don’t really need) for heavily reduced price tag.

The clamour to hurl abuse at those who are shamelessly hoarding products in the wake of coronaviruses arrival is justified. However, as I’ve already written my observations on hoarding in the polemic Legacy Of The Stubborn,  I’m not going there again.

What I will suggest, though, is thank god our distant forefathers, who wandered these islands pre the days of toilet roll inception, were made of sterner stuff when bereft of fit for purpose aids to bottom wiping.

I can’t help but thinking humanity would’ve been extinct at this juncture if they’d have borne the same self-centred, spiteful selfishness exhibited by a proportion of their current progeny. Anyhow, the dining table (where I’m typing this in self-isolation) is no place for toilet roll talk. I’ll move on with the haste of a loo roll from a Tescos shelf.


This morning, it was interested to witness a social media clip of TV presenter/journalist Piers Morgan admonishing viewers who aren’t adhering to the social distancing protocol laid down during these stark times.

I couldn’t have agreed more with the forthright presenter’s observations as he tore a strip from the proletariat idiotically ignoring governmental and medical expert’s pleas to stay indoors unless, of course, your journey is critical.

This totally justifiable rant manifesting after he, along with the viewing public, were party to weekend TV pictures showing hundreds and thousands blatantly snubbing advice to avoid congregating in crowds. Not to mention refusing to maintain a minimum two metre gap between each individual.

Footnote – To clarify, when I write hundreds and thousands blatantly snubbing advice to avoid congregating in crowds, I’m referring to the ignorant ‘I mustn’t be inconvenience’ brigade who form a section of the UK populace. Not the tiny multicoloured confectionery product used to decorate cupcakes!

As I say, what Morgan said was utterly correct, however it did set me wondering how the justifiably confrontational manner it was delivered in would be received by tabloid, Heat Magazine reading demographic audience who watch his breakfast fare.

I’m no psychologist, however, as much as the presenter needed to deliver the message in exactly that tone, I oft think such heatedly orated diatribes can go two ways. Sensible, more pragmatic recipients will see sense and, with contrition, address their foolhardy behaviour.

Alternatively, with noses put out of joint from being told what to do by a posh bloke christened Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan, some (maybe even all) of the Frankie and Fennella F***wit Club may dig in their heels further. In this instance bearing such ingrained stubbornness meaning the only government alternative is lockdown, with none adherence punishable by law.

For many years, I disliked Morgan. His penchant to respond to criticism with a response  he’d more Twitter followers than you had too much of the whiff of a schoolboy in the playground for my liking. However, after witnessing a few of his ‘no punches pulled’ interviews of late, I’m warming to the guy……. Not enough to follow him on Twitter though! 😉

Thanks for the much needed polemic rant aimed at saving more lives and easing the pressure on the NHS, Piers! Like any sensible unselfish person I hope your erudite words don’t fall on deaf ears…… Yours truly just wishes, though, I wasn’t so cynical as to believe a solution of lockdown, along with threat of arrest for breaching the edict are inevitable.

As an aside, I read a tweet yesterday from 6ft 7in writer/quiz show presenter Richard Osman. In this prose he posited if anyone wanted to gauge how far two metres was while judging social distancing it’s the same height as he stands.

A very intelligent guy with razor a sharp wit, I’m a big fan of the lanky fella. However, his comments, although most likely made with tongue in cheek, manifested images in my erratic mind of how such a scenario may play out should somebody get too close.

Not to mention, introducing notions of potential government strategies to hand out life-size cardboard cutout images of the quiz Pointless’ presenter. An aid for the UK public to distance gauge.

If Richie wasn’t self-isolating, on top of his beanstalk along with his goose that lays golden eggs, I’d possibly pay him a visit and ask!

Stay safe!