Labour Pains

Yesterday, despite commencing a literary piece, I didn’t publish a narrative on my website Eventually giving up on the offering in the early evening after penning around 300 words of prose.

This rare loss of interest in completing an essay not through a lack of notions on my part; moreover the consequence of finding the subject I’d chosen (the current UK political climate) as too emotionally exhausting.

I’ve covered numerous subjects within the back catalogue of my 1600 website offerings. These essays including darker topics like a patriarchal passing,  a spousal fight with incurable cancer, along with my own mental and physical health battles. However, I’m unable to recall an occasion at the typewriter where disenchantment led a longing to cease writing further on a subject matter.

Bearing an overwhelming indifference to the protagonists on both sides of the House of Commons, ordinarily I attempt to avoid penning about the topic of politics. However, there are occasions when witnessing something within that field moves me to submit ‘my tuppence ha’penny’.

Yesterday’s unpublished postings inspired after becoming enraged at witnessing a photograph on, taken during a parliamentary debate on the interminable subject of Brexit.

A view played out on the green leather benches of the House of Commons, but arrogant behaviour learned on the green fields of privileged public schooling; perfectly highlighting the brazen contempt our Tory government appears to hold the UK electorate. This behaviour exhibited in the safe knowledge that, despite being a woefully inept bunch with no majority or policies to assure voters UK politics is in safe hands, there’s no viable political opposition party.



The catalyst to my displeasure the sight of Leader of the Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, slovenly lounging contemptibly across a bench while members of all sides debated parliament’s next move to resolve the Brexit fiasco. The metaphorical Pandora’s Box opened on referendum day (23rd July 2016) after the British public voted to leave the European Union (EU).

A democratic decision, via ballot box, instigating our islands departure from dysfunctional continental club with extortionate yearly subs, along with legal edicts powerful enough to override a sovereign state’s legislation.

Within yesterday’s unfinished piece, I wrote of US actor Groucho Marx’s old whimsical submission he didn’t want to be a member of any club that would let him join. On 23rd July 2016 a small majority of Britons evidently felt the same about our involvement in the EU.

As the pre-referendum team lobbying Brexiteers couldn’t even answer the query, the electorate voting to exit the EU did so with no clear notion of the consequences. Some of the voters no doubt undertaking their action from strategy well meaning. Others, though, with an agenda steeped in desire to spitefully ban and remove non- UK nationals regardless of their contribution to the UK’s well-being; or even how feasible their jingoistic demands were.

To be honest, I don’t want to pass comment on whether I believe my fellow voters chose rightly when deciding leaving the European Union. It was a democratically decreed decision by the UK electorate and I accept the decision if I agree with it or not. Yours truly’s position taken from the disdain I hold for individuals who seem to believe a democratic society’s ballot box decision is only acceptable if the result turns out in their favour.

Additionally, I don’t want to expand on the arrogant body language of Jacob Rees-Mogg. His contemptible lounging on the green leather seats of the House of Commons done so from position untouchable.

My real displeasure is with the UK Labour Party. A group who, through their desire to stay within a comfort zone, ineptitude at selling their policies and poor leadership have turned the UK into a one party state by stealth.

After the utter fiasco with Brexit, along with further erosion of the NHS and social services under the banner of austerity, Labour should be 30 points ahead in the opinion polls….. They shouldn’t be powerlessly witnessing displays of contemptuous arrogance from a majority-less opposition purely because a hamstrung UK public deem them f***ing unelectable.

Labour Party hierarchy – HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME!!!

It appears I completed my political narrative after all.

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