In the company of a pal of mine, yesterday evening I went to see a gig at the Brudenell club, Leeds.

This an odyssey to see a band called The Quireboys – A synergy of musicians with roots in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Scotland and a Llandudno B&B (allegedly). 

I’ll be honest and admit it’s a band I’m not overly familiar with, or at least wasn’t until witnessing yesterday’s stage show. My mate Mike utilising his excellent influencing skills to persuade me to tag along.

When I say excellent influencing skills I mean he told me “There’s a bar.”

The support act was a pleasing on the eye group of rock chicks who go by the name of Syteria, or Wisteria as I initially misheard. Cat suited ladies with roots in Leeds, Argentina and Tipton Working Mens club (allegedly).

When I say pleasing on the eye, I didn’t have my glasses on and had a few pints by the time they took to the stage so that’s a tentative observation.

Seriously, though, I had my picture taken with two of them later and they were affable, attractive ladies who at no stage told me to “Stop bothering me or I’ll ring the police!”

Lead singer Julia Calvo a Hispanic temptress with a look of a younger Nigella Lawson. A dark haired vixen with a burgeoning cleavage that brought to mind the iPod docking station I got for Christmas in 2016.

Incidentally, if you want to see my picture with band members Jackie Chambers and Keira Kenworthy there’s a chance it’ll be on the next episode of Crimewatch.

The fourth band member was made up of a male drummer. My buddy Mike observed the lad got about as much attention as the guy who drums for celtic band The Corrs. A revelation to me as I didn’t even know The Corrs had a drummer!

Anyhow, enough of my misogynistic ramblings, I’ll proceed with a more professional chronicling of Syteria’s accomplished set which was……. well, accomplished!

As someone who hasn’t ordinarily been lured by the charms of heavy rock in half century on this planet, it’s difficult for me to give an informed opinion of that genre of music. Other than saying I enjoyed Syteria’s set…… And no not because of the iPod docking station!!

After a break the main act hit the small but perfectly formed stage of the Brudenell club. Lead singer, a Geordie called Spike who looked like a cross between Captain Jack Sparrow and Zed from the Police Academy movies, owning the stage for an hour or so with a flamboyant strut.

I don’t know if this stage ownership was freehold or leasehold, but I do know he wasn’t going to relinquish it until he’d thoroughly entertained his audience with pacy song delivery and whimsical inter-track banter.

Listening to his humorous craic reminded me of characters with whom I was acquainted during my upbringing in Gateshead. Lads with an endearing cynicism and quick wit, who you had to engage in a likewise manner otherwise they’d have ‘eaten you alive’.

Characters who I ordinarily don’t see for years, but when we do meet up resume the same mischievous teasing which was put on hold months/years ago. Making it seem like you still met every Friday night for a beer, not that I’ve not lived there for over thirty years.

Humour born from self-preservation and influences from working class forefathers, who despite endured truly back breaking employ were never short of a cheeky quip and mischievous glint in their eye.

Anyhow, great entertainment lads and lasses!……… I’ll leave the final words to Spike:-