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Going Viral

It’s been interesting, but kinda expected, to witness the rise in musical performances on social media during COVID lockdown. Whether via karaoke, or Tik Tok clips, it appears the public […]
Going Viral

Starter For Ten

Four general knowledge laden hours passed. An inquisitional tarry undertaken by six northern Englishmen; bonded by decades of acquaintance, fondness of the creative and incriminating photos. Despite quizzical feuding for […]
Starter For Ten


A few years ago, I randomly chose to write a blog in tribute to Red Buttons. To clarify, the narrative subject I’m was the late actor/comedian who bore that moniker; […]


It’s been a fruitful two days dans le jardin de la maison Strachan. Not only have I mowed both lawns, undertaken border work, along with jet blasting a patio, I’ve […]

Yee Ha!… It’s Boss Hogg Day!!

I have it on good authority that the 2nd February was Groundhog Day. An occasion citizen’s of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, observe the behaviour of local groundhogs as they emerge from their […]


Over the weekend, I was sad to read of the passing of Chas & Dave pianist Chas Hodges. Hodges, one half of the London pair who in the 1980’s taught […]

The Revamp

Tuesday 29th May – This morning, I’ve revamped the look and feel of my website – A fiddly task where customising the site to my aesthetic requirements isn’t ordinarily […]
The Revamp

Tuffy Hardcase & The Rhum Deal

Thursday 17th May – I’m sat writing this monologue at the salon of my mum’s hairdresser. My attendance here that of dutiful son patiently awaiting to drive his mater home […]