Making The Quiz Great Again

Yesterday evening was the bi-weekly quiz night with buddies from Gateshead. Another entertaining few hours, where seven participants feasted on thought provoking questions, whimsical banter and live acoustic music.

Amongst the catechisms were rounds relating to 1985’s Live Aid concert, TV/Movies, geography and music. Not to mention a ridiculously silly ‘True or False round from yours truly.

Although a cordial evening it ended in controversy when the victor (Tim) was accused of nefariously stealing his triumph. An accusation which led to runner-up (Jeff) demanding a recount after one of his Live Aid questions was allegedly deemed incorrect.

So irked was the Gateshead lad that overnight he procured the legal services of Rudi Giuliani. This move borne from wanting to right this injustice, and to ask the New Yorker when he first realised he could sweat black perspiration.

Mysteriously, but unsurprisingly bearing his anger, this morning Jeffrey produced video evidence to allegedly back his argument for the result to be overturned.

Amongst this hooey, a presentation purporting to show the Band of the Coldstream Guards performed at Wembley Stadium on that historic day back in ’85. A claim which’d been denounced yesterday evening, ultimately costing him victory.

As my brother Ian (who was amongst the quizzes revellers) pointed out, the grainy VT evidence looked more like Leam Lane Brass Band, performing at Gateshead Stadium.

Jeff claims he’s only attempting to make the quiz great again. However, I’m of the opinion his ego, along with being a sore loser, are driving this unhinged revolt.

Tim, meanwhile, is maintaining a dignified silence. The quizzers Supreme Court, Ian, Gary H, Tony, Scott and I, will no doubt in coming days have to decide whether or not to overturn the quiz in Jeff’s favour.

Incidentally Tim and Jeff, if you’re reading this, I’ll vote for the one who greases my palm most favourably…… Your truly selecting you as soon as I get the grease off my hand.

Anyhow, below is the round of absurd ‘True and False’ questions I wrote and presented at last night’s clambake. Please note, the one’s highlighted as true most definitely aren’t…… I presented them that way to impart levity into the proceedings.

True or False

1 – True or False – In 1976, not only did British singer/songwriter Cat Stephens’ convert to Islam, he also converted his London home’s energy to North Sea Gas? – True.

2 – True or False – In 1975, US rock star Jon Bon Jovi failed an audition to become Welsh after becoming allergic to words not containing vowels – False. It was a Puerto Rican passport he failed to secure.

3 – True or False – The record label Motown gained it’s name from having it’s main recording studio was located in Middlesborough Old Town? – False. It was in Macclesfield Old Town.

4 – True or False – In real life Herve Villechaize, The actor who play Tattoo in Fantasy Island, was as tall as his co-star Ricardo Montalban. His scenes were all shot from distance as the programmes casting team were unable to secure an actor with dwarfism for the role? – True

5 – True or False – Bond actor Daniel Craig’s favourite Pot Noodle flavour is chicken and mushroom. False – It’s Curry flavour.

6 – True or False – F1 driver James Hunt was relieved his first name wasn’t Warwick? – False…. It was the name Mike that would’ve devastated him.

7 – True or False – Music historians claim that not only did Tchaikovsky die with one unfinished symphony, but he’d also passed away with six unstarted concertos. – True

8 – True or False – A nuclear mushroom cloud contains approximately 28,000 mushrooms? – True 

9 – True or False – Harry Potter actor Daniel Ratcliffe still has splinters in his butt from the broom flying scenes he partook in during filming. – False. He wore padded cycling shorts throughout those scenes.

10 – True or False – The pilot on the last ever Concorde flight was named Captain Oscar Bravo? – False. It was Captain Romeo Golf.

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