Chaka Khan, But Adele Can’t

“True of False – Chaka Khan, but Adele can’t?”

A question yours truly raised to buddies during the intentionally absurd round of entertainment questions I posed during yesterday evening’s Zoom quiz. The question one of fifteen I habitually write whilst endeavouring to impart levity to our already heady brew of live acoustic music, sensible quiz inquiries and knockabout banter.

What Chaka can do that Adele can’t isn’t clear, but I took warmth from the fact it got a laugh. I’d achieved my goal of raising a smile, an ultimately more fulfilling act than my previous trait of worrying people will think I’m insane, Consequently being reticent of exposing this absurdity.. A mantra which meant for decades this whimsical side of me hid stealthily under a bushel.

Anyway, enough about me, the full list of my intentionally inane entertainment catechisms sits unashamedly below……. Actually, they’re still about me!……. As you were!!

1 – True or False – Former England international footballer Billy Wright was married to one of The Everly Sisters?False

2 – True or False –Fragrant actor Margot Robbie was gifted a cattle branding iron by her partner Archie Enemy at Christmas 2019?False

3 – True or False – George Michael’s real name was Michael George?True

4 – True or False –The Who were originally named the ‘Deptford Brandy Snap Band’, but changed the title  because they couldn’t fit the name on Keith Moon’s bass drum?True

5 – True or False – The 1970’s single ‘Who Are You?’ would’ve been a nightmare to lyricise if it’d been called ‘Deptford Brandy Snap Band Are You?‘ – True

6 – True or False – Former Channel 4 soap opera Brookside creator Phil Redmond got his storyline idea for hiding a dead body under a patio from an article in Hello magazine?False

7 – True or False – Chaka Khan, but Adele can’t?True

8 – True or False –Mick Fleetwood blames his woeful performance while presenting the 1989 Brit Awards with Samantha Fox was through being distracted by the buxom models resplendent cleavage?False

9 – True or False – Samantha Fox blames her woeful performance while presenting the 1989 Brit Awards with Mick Fleetwood was a consequence of her being shite at presenting?True

10 – True or False – Arthur Ellis, referee on 1970’s TV entertainment show ‘Jeux San Frontier’ didn’t use a whistle; instead he kept order amongst competitors by banging a spoon on a metal drinks tray?True

11 -True or False – One of Dante’s nine rings of hell is wearing a face mask in the Tescos gluten free aisle?False

12 – True or False – Terry Jacks, who shot to fame in the 1970’s with the melancholic number one song ‘Season in the Sun’, attained his stage surname from buddies who learned of his frequent masturbation sessions as a teenager? –  True

13 – True or False – Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley spent most of his childhood held captive in the Kemp brothers dungeon accompanied by Midge Ure and the ginger bird from TV drama ‘Hart to Hart’?False

14 – True or False – Despite possessing a pitch perfect singing voice, Julie Andrews speaking accent sounds like rough arse late actor Arthur Mullard? False

15 – True or False – Michael Jackson couldn’t really moonwalk. This innovative backwards walk occurred accidentally when his weight loss meant he no longer had enough bulk to mitigate against powerful stage fans?Unlikely!!!

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