Power To The People

This morning, I ventured to the market town of Morley on the south west periphery of Leeds. A West Yorkshire town, which according to the Pointless Information & Statistics Society, boasts more central heating boiler resets per year than any other European metropolis….. Apart from it’s twinned town (Siegen) in Germany which is notorious for residential heating system issues and excessive earwax.

I’m unsure how the Pointless Information & Statistics Society (PISS) acquire such random information; I can only assume it’s sourced from surveys or alternative means of market research. 

According to their website, PISS also uninterestingly cite residents of fellow West Yorkshire market town Pudsey utilise the word flange more per capita than any other UK citadel.

The site also claims, with an average of two router tools per household, South Yorkshire town Barnsley is the tongue and groove flooring capital of the southern hemisphere…… Which, bearing in mind it’s location in the northern hemisphere, is a truly baffling statistic……. Not to mention unanswered questions into PISS’s apparent lack of inquisitiveness of the requirement for two wood routers in one residence.

Anyhow, I was in Morley today for a visit to my mum’s solicitors. A sojourn for the old lady to set up power of attorney for my siblings and I – Allowing for us to legally represent her should anything untoward happen. A big fan of the cartoon He-Man, our kid (Ian) initially said he’d rather have the power of Grayskull than power of attorney. However, after we bought him a Skeletor mask from Greggs the bakers (don’t ask!) he relinquished his ludicrous thoughts.

With me suffered from a ‘dicky tummy’ in the last few days, my mum asked me to ensure I visited the toilet before arrival at the solicitors office. Arguing the expensive hourly fees charged for legal work could result in my ‘movements’ costing her £50 in waiting time.

I’ve never been made a power of attorney (POA) before. I’ve got to say, though, it’s nothing like the power of Grayskull, the power of love, or indeed darts player Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor. 

I just hope being Maggie’s POA goes better than for me than when I was asked to critically feedback on a friends recently amended job resume (CV). Evidently some people dislike being made aware they’re unemployable….. Well he did ask me to be critical!

During this lunchtime’s meeting at the solicitors, my mum was asked if she wanted a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ clause inserting within the final draft. A question to which I was surprised to hear her respond “No, thanks.” …… After all, I think it’ll be prudent to ensure I’m awake when making critical decisions on her behalf!

On our departing the offices, the POA process is ongoing. One of the delays caused by mum not taking adequate personal identification to proceed past paperwork basics. I wouldn’t care, but I did tell her Law Society rules wouldn’t accept her granddaughter’s painting worded ‘Grandma’ as proof of identity!

I’m told by people in the know, gaining power of attorney is a very prudent move to minimise red tape if the worst should happen to Maggie. Personally, though, I don’t see why she couldn’t just give Ian, Helen and me her PIN numbers!

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