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They Can Be So Bad For You!

Friday evening saw Mrs S and yours truly sitting in Block 104 of the first direct Arena, Leeds. Our venture’s motive to witness one Richard Paul Astley from the manor of Newton-le-Willows entertain us and 13,000 others with a night of pop and contemporary refrains. As I’ve written previously, my wife Karen has an endearing quirk of mispronouncing artists names and, prior to the gig, insisted the host for the evening […]

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In The Company of Mike & Spike

In the company of a pal of mine, yesterday evening I went to see a gig at the Brudenell club, Leeds. This an odyssey to see a band called The Quireboys – A synergy of musicians with roots in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Scotland and a Llandudno B&B (allegedly).  I’ll be honest and admit it’s a band I’m not overly familiar with, or at least wasn’t until witnessing yesterday’s stage show. My mate […]

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Bronx Boy & Band Bewitch Belvoir

Yesterday, the grounds of Belvoir Castle proved to be convivial venue hosts for Mrs S and my evening entertainment. No relation to the late Record Breakers TV presenter Roy Castle, the Leicestershire fortification provided an imposing backdrop for buoyant open air concert goers. These revellers partying to disco tunes of yore, performed by wandering balladeer Nile Rodgers and his band Chic. Last night’s ‘intruders’ of the land at the base […]

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Music Royalty at the Palace

Blenheim Palace – Winston Churchill’s birthplace and for centuries the residence of the Dukes of Marlborough. Not to mention the only British palace whose moniker nearly rhymes with the name of TV chef Ken Hom. Built in the early 18th century (that’s the Oxfordshire Palace not Ken Hom), I was in situ of this imposing structure(s) and it’s elegantly groomed estate, last Thursday. An occasion where it’s grounds displayed a […]

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On fd Arena Stage Wit ‘at

Saturday 14th April – Yesterday evening, with vocal chords smoother than a Casanova pick up line, sharp clothing smoother than the escalators on the Piccadilly Line and soul refrains smoother than a Hollywood bikini line, US jazz singer Gregory Porter hit first direct Arena, Leeds. Actually, hit is probably too strong a word – Gently pawing the West Yorkshire audience into submission with debonair jazz standards a more apt descriptive […]

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The Far From Dry Levee

In his seminal song ‘American Pie’ Don MacLean spoke of taking the Chevy to the levee, where he was disconsolate to find the levee was dry. Yesterday evening I took a Metro train to see a far from barren levee – One of whom would no doubt have received MacLean’s approval more than the parched one of which he wrote. Blues trio Broken Levee’s cup overflowed with accomplished musicianship, slick […]

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A Christmas Do With The Missus

Yesterday, my lunchtime was spent at an Italian restaurant in the centre of our splendid West Yorkshire metropolis. Here my wife and I feasted on festive fare, prior to being royally entertained by classic sounds from the Motown songbook, while imbibing an agreeable bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. In our hosts glitzy 1920’s art-deco style surroundings, four singers (3 male and 1 female)took us back to the 1960’s, bequeathing us iconic tunes originally produced on Berry Gordy’s legendary record label. This included performances of accomplished cover versions […]

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