Sleep – Not A Right, A Privilege?

The levels of my overnight sporadic insomnia hit new heights at 2am this morning. Leaving my slumber at that time, I spent the next hour and a half writing a blog instead of the ordinarily prudent option of attempting to return to the Land of Nod.

Laid in bed with my iPad, those ninety minutes or so were constructively utilised penning a fictional blog about my wife winning a hat in a breakfast radio station competition.  I know what you’re thinking, “What possessed you into creating a narrative at that ungodly hour, Gary?”…… Although, I suspect your query will probably incorporate a few more curse words.

Perhaps I was worried if I returned to a state of slumber I’d regress to my earlier dream on rainfall stats in the Llanelli area of Wales. I can’t be certain of this, but I’d proffer it’s the only dream that I’ve awoken from to escape the sheer tedium ofthe ongoing plot imagery.

Alternatively, it may have been a desire to get down the ideas of the unlikely yarn gestating from seed in my random neurological corridors. Worried before I forgot them if I fell back asleep. I have numerous creative ideas in the early hours of the morning; literary epiphanies lost as I can’t recollect them later in the morning.

I read somewhere artists in many fields have had some of their best creative ideas in the early hours of the morning. Many of literary works, in addition to musical histories classic melodies and lyrics, manifested themselves to their creator around the time the clock strikes 2am.

I don’t know the stats to back up the strength of this theory, although if you need to know anything about rainfall in Llanelli I’m your man.

What I would say, though, the fact Joe Dolce’s 1980’s hit Shut Uppa Your Face was written during the day adds credence to the school of thinking concerning increased creativity overnight.

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By 4am the blog surrounding Karen winning a hat had been written, edited, posted to social media sites and published on my website .

At that point, I returned to sleep, waking around 8am relieved that I hadn’t returned to the Llanelli rainfall stats dream. Thankfully, the Prestatyn precipitation data is a far less tedious than its Welsh cousin, meaning my 4am-8am slumber passed without too much strain.

I asked a learned friend, who claims to knows everything about everything, whether he thought there was tangible meaning behind my overnight images of slumber. He pondered for moment of quiet reflection, looked me straight in the eye, before responding “How the chuffing hell do I know?”

So I’m none the wiser what the dreams indicate, but at least I’ve learnt my erudite mate isn’t quite as smart as he thought he was……… Chuffing clever s***e!

Anyway, I’m writing this narrative around midday, so if its worse than the hat blog I penned overnight you perhaps have an understanding into the root cause of the inconsistency.

Additionally, the fact the sleep deprivation is now kicking in isn’t helping the flow of my creative juices. I feel as though I could nod off any minute.

In fact, my eye lids are so heavy I could ……………………………… ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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