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Surreal Storyboards

Ordinarily, I don’t take my iPod when I go out for a wander. A reticence born from fears about ‘treating’ passers-by to over enthusiastic singing along with a Coldplay song, or whistling the brass section notes of a Phil Collins track from the album Face Value. Today, though, I took the radical step of accompanying a wander to the post box by listening to a playlist on this little used musical device……. […]

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March, Spring Altogether

I can’t believe the month of March is already upon us. We are now 1/6 of the way through the journey that is 2017. A relatively painless trip so far, apart from having to turn back home in January after Karen had inadvertently left the immersion on. As the cliché goes ‘Time flies’……. Except on a Bank Holiday, when the French air traffic controllers are normally on strike. Ah March….. A time […]

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Tale As Old As Time

Tale as old as time True as it can be Barely even friends Then somebody bends Unexpectedly Words from a lament in Disney’s movie Beauty & The Beast, accompanying scenes of thawing of the Beast’s ill tempered behaviour; softened by the charms of enticing French girl Belle. The increase in warmth towards his guest, enhanced by her absence of fear at his grotesque visage, excessive hirsuteness and erratic temperament. Not minding him eating straight from the bowl at the dining table, further […]

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A Foggy Day In Washington Town

In the The Jam’s 1980 track Going Underground, song writer Paul Weller wrote:- You’ve made your bed, you’d better lie in it You choose your leaders and place your trust As their lies wash you down and their promises rust You’ll see kidney machines replaced by rockets and guns And the public wants what the public gets But I don’t get what this society wants I’ve thought of these words […]

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To My Mother, My Dog & Clowns

I’ve been concerned about my wife’s health today. She’s appeared jaded, of impaired mobility and exhibited a grey pallor around the gills. Her poorly look led me to thoughtfully (I thought) suggest she leave the pile of ironing she is vainly striving to conquer.  I recommended she sit down and relax in an attempt to retrieve the errant colour from her visage…… Well, after she’s made me a cuppa anyway. […]

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The Poor Man’s Alexa

This morning my wife and I had a sojourn west to the White Rose Shopping Centre (WR). It was an edifying venture to the premier retail mall in South Leeds (source – ). It was at this retail utopia that, amongst other things, I inadvertently learnt the meaning of the word edifying during a random scan of a dictionary in WH Smith. Let me be clear, I don’t ordinarily […]

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Two Celtic Laments

Shortly before the festive period, my parents won a large joint of beef in their local Conservative club Christmas draw. It was only second prize, but they deemed it preferable to the first prize of tinsel wrapped souls of the working class. I had the honour of being present at my mater and pater’s residence during the December delivery of this beast. Despite them preparing me to witness the biggest arrival since an exhausted stork […]

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