She Made It Through The Rain

“We dreamers have our ways
Of facing rainy days
And somehow we survive….. “

Those first three lines of lyrics from Barry Manilow’s song ‘I Made It Through The Rain’ sprung to mind yesterday during a discussion with my wife on her 50th Birthday.

Karen's birthday

The words made an unscheduled cranial visit while we discussed the back catalogue songs written by Barry Manilow, who we were scheduled to see that evening as part of her birthday blast.

The trio of lines stuck with me as they seemed a good metaphor for Karen’s achievement of reaching 50 after a tough 5 years or so.

During this time she has displayed tenacity, strength, positivity and courage; all of which I’m convinced have contributed to longevity that seemed highly improbable on her diagnosis in November 2010.

Despite its best efforts since that bracingly cold winters morn in 2010, her heinous nemesis, cancer has been unable to deprive her of reaching a half century of years on this mortal coil.

As such, she reached an age when she can holiday with Saga. Additionally, she is quite giddy of her new found right to get a free Parker pen just for enquiring about ‘Over 50’s’ finance products.

She may have only won another battle in a war she cannot win. However, her positive outlook ensures this battle victory is greeted with a humbling joy normally reserved for a war victory.

Karens birthday 1

Her unwanted visitor knows he’ll have his day. However, it must rankle with him that, despite the carnage he has caused, he has been unable to stop her enjoying numerous holidays, visits to shows, attendance of musical gigs and many happy family memories.

Go on cancer admit it, you utter piece of detritus. All of those good things weren’t in the script for the lady who you leeched onto in 2010, were they?!

That day when you parked your unwelcome ass on Karen’s favourite chair and started taunting us, I suspect you didn’t expect the scrap this undemonstrative, caring and decent woman would put up!……… By the way can you move your bloody ass? It’s started chewing the lino.

I don’t want to tempt fate with my words, after all fate and I aren’t on good terms at the moment. This the result of me tempting him to pilfer three bars of Galaxy chocolate, which he was arrested for and given 100 hours community service.

What warmed my heart yesterday was the look of sheer unbridled joy my brave spouse displayed all day.

To reach the age of 50 isn’t a big deal to so many, however, the very fact ‘she made it through the rain’ to that milestone meant the world to my wee Mrs.

As she should be, Karen was suitably ruined by family and friends gift wise, especially by me…… In fact, she cost me a chuffing fortune!

However, none of those presents can match the main birthday offering, which is we have her here to celebrate!

Although, if you asked Karen she’d probably say the chocolate indulgence theme day I booked for her came a very close second!

After a day at York races, which was coincidentally the Macmillan Cancer Support meeting, and the evening watching Barry Manilow at Leeds Arena she returned home yesterday shattered but in a state of elation.

She said her day had been perfect. It could only have been bettered if we could shift the rancid unwanted visitor and his lino chewing ass. I’m pleased we (family & friends) achieved our goal of making it a special day for her.

Deep down, though, the fact we’ll never be able to dispose of our rancid intruder continues to add to the helplessness I feel.

So the remit remains to keep striving to win the battles for as long as possible and hopefully Karen to continue to frustrate cancer with her thus far superior battle strategy.

Happy birthday to the amazing lady who ‘made it through the rain’ to reach her pentagenarian milestone.

Karen's birthday 4

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