The Unused Questions

Due to a few of our groups unavailability, who’d more pressing appointments, Thursday nights bi-weekly online quiz was cancelled. Consequently, the questions prepared for this clambake remained unused; instead gathering metaphorical dust on my laptop hard drive.

Of course, I could’ve saved these intentionally absurd inquiries until the next online get together. However, hamstrung by writers block, yours truly’s decided to publish these queries today.

This offering in lieu of writing a blog, which if I’m being totally honest I’ve little enthusiasm about penning. To make up for using these questions today, I’ll write some more catechisms for next Thursdays online get together with buddies.

As per usual with my quiz round, these questions, and answers claiming to be true, are utter hooey.

  1. True or False – TV chef Jamie Oliver’s front door inside architraves are predominantly constructed from giant Bourbon biscuits? – True
  2. True or False – My Sat Nav claims the adage ‘All roads lead to Rome.’ to be unmitigated hogwash? – True
  3. True or False – In a bizarre finding, historians recently discovered door handles were invented before doors? – False; that’d be a ridiculous notion.
  4. True or False – Former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini imprisoned the La Scala opera house’s orchestra leader for barring him from playing tuba in the orchestras string section? – False; He refused permission to play the duck whistle next to the violinists.
  5. True or False – Despite critics accusations to the contrary, former Chair of the Tory Party Sir Norman Fowler wasn’t really a chair? – True.
  6. True or False – In a pretty tepid coincidence, former 1970’s English football commentator David Coleman’s dad was a coal man? – True.
  7. True or False – Fiery chef Gordon Ramsay’s swear box contains enough coinage to wipe out Italy’s International Monetary Fund debt? – False; although not far from the Iti’s fiscal shortfall to the IMF, it’s nearer the debt level of Montenegro.
  8. True or False – Sometimes I just shake my head in despair? – True
  9. True or False – There’s more to life than beer flavoured cheesecake? – False; a response requiring no further comment.
  10. True or False – According to a Dulux paint colour chart, TV presenter Phillip Schofield’s grey hair colour is Turbots Fin – False; it’s Argent Salmon.
  11. True or False – Aussie actress Margot Robbie’s epilator has got three different settings, and is self cleaning? – True.
  12. True or False – Sometimes people take things a bit too seriously? – True
  13. True or False – Adventurer Bear Grylls’ dog Bernard has climbed all of Scotland’s Munro mountains? – False; although his hamster Archie achieved the fete in 2017.
  14. True or False – Jamie Oliver’s Bourbon biscuit door architraves need replacing frequently? – True
  15. True or False – Former 1970’s English football commentator Hugh Johns real name was John Hughes? – False; it was Lady Mary Deschamp of Dudley.

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