Every Little Helps

With an upcoming change in my circumstances, I’ve been exploring alternative revenue streams. One of which the upgrade of my website writesaidfred.org to my domain providers business plan; with a view to perhaps monetise my content.

Only time will tell whether this income stream proves to be merely an eddying brook, or source to a Niagara of the folding stuff. However, as they say on the Tescos commercials, ‘Every Little Helps’.

One month away from stepping into the unknown, I’m endeavouring to see this life transition with a rosier hue than I’ve perhaps exhibited for much of my meander through this vale of tears.

With COVID indiscriminately swinging through the UK’s business and economy like a wrecking ball, securing employment will be significantly tougher than normal. However, if the appropriate opportunities arise, I reckon I’ve the skillset to compete for roles.

Last Friday, I wrote a curriculum vitae (CV, or resume as it’s known in America) for the first time in about 25 years. As somebody who’s interviewed people for roles in the past, I realise you need to keep these first impressions concise.

From that experience, I’ve learned to only highlight key information that’ll get you a foot in the interview room door. Consequently, I only included my writing achievements, I’ve a double-jointed ring finger, along with the wherewithal to whistle the Bulgarian national anthem…… Joe Dolce’s ‘Shut Uppa Your Face’ is the Bulgarian nation anthem, isn’t it?

I’m sure one of that trinity of skills will prove invaluable at landing me suitable employment. Particularly, the double-jointed finger, which I’m hoping will come to the attention of a latter-day PT Barnum circus show.

My dream job would be to write a blog about my performances for a Bulgarian circus. However, with that particular aspirations specificity, yours truly realises I’ve to manage my expectations accordingly.

In the 1970’s, British singer John Miles sang “Music was my first love, and it will be my last. Music of the future, and music of the past. To live without my music would be impossible to do. In this world of troubles, my music pulls me through.”

However, as that doesn’t apply to me, I omitted it from my CV.

Like returning to the dating game at this juncture of the ageing process, it feels weird applying for jobs in middle-age. I know ageism when considering suitable candidates for roles is against employment law.

However, unless employers take lie detector tests post decision is that possible to regulate….. Blimey, I’m doing a Donald Trump and getting my excuses for not getting the role in early!

Incidentally, I’m not saying the current incumbent will lose the US presidential election. However, in recent days he himself has been making noises that suggest perhaps he’s resigned to his fate.

Who knows, though, with alleged skullduggery afoot this reality show might be keeping it leading man for another four years. If he does win, I hope Mike Pence’s fly buddy becomes US Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

Right, I need to bring this silliness to a halt. There’s Jehovah’s Witnesses in the street; I need to go tell my Amazon Alexa to keep quiet and pretend we’re out!!

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