In the early hours of this morning my West Yorkshire neighbourhood was awoken by a god awful commotion.

This soundscape including the whirring of helicopter blades, police orders through a megaphone, yelling, interspersed by confrontational shouts of “F*** Off.”….. I tell you what, my mum becomes so melodramatic when I return home at 3am in the morning..

Seriously, though, I’m still to learn of this cacophony’s source. However, my immediate notion upon waking was that police dispersal of COVID restriction dissenters’d be the likely catalyst.

It’s sure a mess out there. Massed non-conformists, anarchists and questionably sighted trippers to Barnard Castle, deliberately avoiding government protocols. Consequently, meaning these lockdowns aren’t gonna be lifted anytime soon.

I get these individuals are frustrated; god knows I am! However, as annoying as these governmental edicts are, restriction motives are for the UK’s population long-term benefit ……. As my partially sighted-late grandad once proffered when struggling to see my holiday photos “I like to look at a bigger picture.”

It has to be said, comedy character Jonathan Pie’s suggestion the UK government’s coronavirus strategy has been one of Whack-A-Mole amused me greatly. That is, when a COVID issue needs quickly addressing, they metaphorically whack it with a mallet, only to expose another issue which gets hurriedly slammed to reveal another, and so on.

Yesterday’s ‘Prime Minister’s Question Time’ in the House of Commons, turned into Prime Minister Avoiding The Question Time. Although, admittedly, an accusation which could be levelled at numerous prime ministers, past and present.

However, when living on Planet COVID, responding to queries by unconvincingly blustering the opposition are merely attempting to score political points is utterly unacceptable….. In a democracy, that’s what they’re there for, isn’t it?!

Yes, this COVID fight should be undertaken with political bi-partisanship. However, that shouldn’t mean the government get a free pass from those on either side of the House, especially if those dissenters hold valid grounds for policy critique.

When witnessing this evasiveness, my initial thought is the PM should do something to resolve issues raised; presenting them in an assured manner which’d give the country confidence he knew what the hell he’s doing.

In my book, leadership isn’t about avoiding a valid query because you’re uncomfortable with its content. Then whining that the catechism’s presenter is just being horrible to you.

To me, all that conveys is the opposition are right, and you (as head of government) haven’t got an adequate response. Making it clear you’re rudderless whilst navigating an onrushing COVID river..

During these stark times socially and economically, leadership is reassuring the populace that although prevailing times are grim, you’re working your butts off endeavouring to mitigate the carnage with a clear (as it can be) plan.

Relay you’re listening to infinitely more erudite scientists whose intellect is far superior to the privileged (maybe under-qualified) deliverers of policy, not selectively suppressing them. If you’re not, unlike the adage, the messenger does deserve to be shot.

Give tangible evidence your detractors are incorrect when accusing you and your cronies that an Eton or Stowe tie, crest and contacts gift you a jobs you’re incapable of fulfilling….. A situation which gets highlighted during a pandemic.

I never had that educational luxury, my alma mater a 1970’s comprehensive school in the north east of England. An area historically steeped in socialism which, despite my repeated protestations I hold no political alliance, I’ll finally admit’s subliminally coloured my political outlook.

Sure this s***storm is worse than anything you’d read, even in sci-fi….. Well, apart from when Tom Baker’s Dr Who had his multi-coloured scarf stolen by a Dalek.

However, is it too much to ask for your countries leaders to at least exhibit behavioural traits of honesty, control, leadership, competence, erudition and trustworthy behavioural traits?……Even if they don’t possess such personal attributes!….. I’ll let you write your own punchline for that!!

Yours truly knows from personal experience what it’s like to work in a high pressure environment, undertaking a role which neither played to my strengths or provided the fulfilment.

Through no-ones fault but my own, the strain of the role utterly destroying me mentally, and not doing me a helluva lot of good physically either.

It was a difficult time, but from that despair, I’ve eventually accepted that letting people and myself down in that role, didn’t mean I possessed nothing to offer. On the contrary, I’ve plenty of capabilities away from my former IT role.

Who knows, in a few years we might see Boris Johnson writing his own daily blog and looking a darned sight happier than he looks now!!

Chuff knows what I’ll be doing though! 😉

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