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Yesterday evening I partook in a Zoom quiz with buddies. Live acoustic music, seven rounds of inquisitions and much guffawing forming our entertainment landscape.

Below are the two rounds I wrote/presented for your delectation. In addition to my usual absurd ‘True of False’ round, where I shower participants with zany fictional queries, a series of questions relating to Argos codes were delivered by yours truly.

Argos Code Quiz

1 – Is the Argos code 797/0456

a) Johnstone’s Duck egg wall and ceiling Matt Emulsion ;….. b) A Thunderbirds Tracy Island; ……. or c) Anthony Worrell-Thompson branded boxer shorts?……….. Answer A

2 – Is the Argos code 922/2250

a) A Ted Bundy Sings Sinatra CD; ……. b) A Trivial Pursuit Board Game; or……. c) A 12 pack of Argos Winter Silver Shaker Baubles? ….. Answer C

3 – Is the Argos code 922/5312

a) The Tom Cruise Stuntman book;….. b) A set of ‘Carry On’ movie mugs;…… or c) Blue Argos Home Skandi Pair of Fabric Dining Chairs?…… Answer C

4 – Is the Argos code 720/5664

a) Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Bypass Secateur;…… b) An Abru Telescopic Ladder 2.6 M – 3.11M…… c) A Gerard Butler HUGO BOSS Men’s Brown Leather Strap Watch?…….. Answer A

5Is the Argos code 137/3900

a) Assorted Lace Trim Brazilian Knickers 5 Pack;…… b) Assorted Lace Trim Italian Knickers 5 Pack;……. or c) Assorted Lace Trim Bridgit Jones Knickers 5 Pack?……. Answer A

6 – Is the Argos code 884/4512

a) Candy CCE116/1N Chimney Cooker Hood – Black;…… b) The Ernest Hemingway’s bibliography; ……. or c) A Scouse Write Your Own Sicknote Kit? ……….. Answer A

7 – Is the Argos code 206/0206

a) Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Watch;…… b) Brita Style Water Filter Jug – Grey;……. c) Billy McNeil’s Story of Celtic’s 1967 European Cup win?….. Answer A

8 – Is the Argos code 918/2675

a) A Robert Mugabe Pasta Recipe book;……. b) One For All WM6221 Ultra Slim 13 – 43 Inch Tilt TV Bracket; …….. or c) A set of Ainsley Harriet steak knives? …….. Answer B

9 – Is the Argos code 347/9865

a) VTech First Steps Baby Walker;……. b) a replica Howitzer shell;……. c) A George Formby Grill…… Answer A

10 – Is the Argos code 804/6042

a) A James Herriot Calf Birthing Glove;…… b) Russell Hobbs Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster;……. c) Mr Men Complete 48 Book Box Set………. Answer B

Pop Music ‘True or False’ Round

Disclaimer – This is a deliberately absurd round, where any questions stated as true quite simply aren’t.

1 – True or False – Motorhead frontman Lemmy’s real name was Leamington Spa? – True

2 – True or False – Attaining the nickname Sting because he wore a gold and black hooped jumper in his youth, the former Police frontman is relieved he rarely wore his sweater adorning a beaver’s head? – True

3 – True or False – As he was always on the telly giving it large, radio DJ Mike Read claimed Kajagoogoo singer Limahl was gaslighting when claiming how shy he was? – False

4 – True or False – Dunston parish council were so proud of local lad Brian Johnson after taking over the reins as AC/DC vocalist, in 1980, they awarded him the freedom of Greggs bakery at the Gateshead Metro Shopping Centre? – True

5 – True or False – As a freeman of the store, AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson was allowed to walk his sheep through Greggs bakery at Gateshead Metro Centre? – False….. It was goats.

6 – True or False – US singer and chaffinch breeder Meat Loaf has brothers named Malt and Granary, as well as a sister called Gluten-Free? – False…. They’re named sour dough, Tiger and Ciabbatta.

7 – True or False – Lefty rabble rousing singer Billy Bragg once worked as Grandstand presenter Frank Bough’s gardener? – True

8 – True or False – When not looking for New England, musical poet Billy Bragg could be often seen sleeping in Frank Bough’s greenhouse? – False…. He ordinarily kipped in Frank’s potting shed.

9 – True or False – Slade guitarist Dave Hill’s fringe was trimmed bi-weekly by Billy Bragg, using Frank Bough’s edging shears? – True

10 – True or False – Frank Bough was absolutely furious when he found out Billy Bragg was using his garden utensils to undertake a hair styling sideline? – False….. Bragg placated him with 5 ounces of cocaine every Friday!

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