With each day stuck on repeat, I’m unsure what juncture I’ve reached in my enforced COVID self-isolation. I’m pretty sure today marks a point between the 1st and 14th day of yours truly’s unwelcome hermitism, however, which part within that calendar spectrum isn’t clear.

As a consequence of this confusion, I’m planning to formulate a routine which’ll act as a memory jogger aimed at countering the conundrum. Something like, say, buying a packet of undies containing a pair of shorts for each weekday.

Although, with that approach requiring me the changing of boxer shorts on a daily basis, I might find challenging! After all, I’d no longer be afforded the ‘luxury’ of turning my undies inside out to secure a second days wear out of them…… On reflection, I’ll put that notion on the back burner.

Footnote – Incidentally when writing back burner above I’m referring to putting the idea on hold. Not that I’m in possession of a masochistic device for singeing off my back hair.

The Morrisons doorstep delivery shop has just arrived at chez Strachan. Consequently, our kitchen cupboards are no longer as empty as a US presidential election promise.

If truth be told, from a personal perspective, self-isolating isn’t the bind it’s proving to be for individuals who’re going stir crazy in similar circumstances.

Despite everyday appearing the same, these blogs, drawing caricatures, along with numerous daily and random chores ensure there’s always plenty of fish to fry. Evidently, GJ Strachan is never short of matters in hand.

As part of my movie/pop star inspirational quote series of sketches, within the last day I’ve etched caricatures of two Motown divas, in the shape of Diana Ross and Tina Turner.

Ladies whose voices, for half a decade, have lured party goers onto dance floors, in the manner Sirens of Greek mythology led sailors to their death when beckoning their boats upon ocean side rocks.

Mercifully, Ms’ Ross and Turner’s vocal allure for dance floor residents proving less jeopardous than Sirens’ refrains. A sound marketing strategy when looking to attract record sales I’ve always thought.

Tonight sees the next of the bi-weekly Zoom quiz evenings I attend with buddies originally hailing from Gateshead. Entertainment at its finest….. Well it’s better than watching Eastenders anyhow!

I’ve written my usual absurd end to the evening round of ‘True or False’ questions. Ten queries which’ll hopefully raise a chortle from my fellow participants, or at the very least won’t result in as much hate mail post clambake.

I commence this paragraph with the news Chez Strachan’s boiler has just received its annual service. To clarify, that work was undertaken by a certified gas fitter, not yours truly. GJ Strachan can be quirky, however faffing with gas appliances would be a wantonly reckless act he’d never countenance.

To clarify further, when penning certified gas fitter above I was referring that the chap is an accredited/registered engineer. Not he’d been certified into an establishment for the mentally unstable…… If that had been the case, it’s safe to say, like me he’d not be let within a square mile of tampering with it……. Actually, what’s that hissing noise?!

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