With energy levels dropping like a listing helium balloon, today I required a post-midday nap to unearth yours truly’s cloaked dynamism. Prior to venturing down this rambling road, I wish to point out at this juncture, I’ve not got, or at any point displayed, any COVID-19 symptoms.

Also for the record, this brief catnap provided me with similar vitality to that displayed by Forrest Gump on receipt of a quarterbacks probing pass. Taking into account both considerations, I’d suggest my short malaise wasn’t associated to the globe’s most talked about pathogen.

In the unlikely event it is, the World Heath Organisation (WHO) should affix the craving of magnum iced lollies, along with a recently acquired aversion to washing dinner plates, as further potential symptoms of coronavirus.

After waking from my brief post-midday slumber, yours truly groggily venture back downstairs to cook tea. A basic meal of fish, chips and mushy peas; a recipe blagged from West Yorkshire chef Ely Thruxton’s quirkily titled cook book ‘Comfort Food For Days You Feel Like You’ve Been Run Over By A Bus!’

That fact I wolfed down this traditional English fare with gusto, a further indication I concluded that whatever had earlier robbed me of my ardor can’t have been overly serious.

Footnote – Gusto is descriptive I chose to highlight the fervour in which I ate my dinner. It’s not a Scandinavian buddy who we’d allow to break social distancing protocol to feast upon a fish and chip supper.

Akin to a teenage boy, I’ve retired to my bedroom following the uncouth troughing of my dinner. Here, I chronicle these observations with one eye on my laptop screen, while my other ocular organ dips in and out of surveying BBC TV’s magazine broadcast The One Show………. Being wall-eyed brings few benefits to the afflicted, however, every now and again the curse does extend sufferers some benediction.

On concluding this essay, I intend to trawl through the boxset of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s jocular Trip To Greece, on Now TV. These six half hour episodes granting a whimsical feel-good guide to the odysseys partaken by Hellenic gods/kings…… Including Odysseus, whose travels, you’ll be utterly astounded to find out, spawned the word odyssey. I’ll await you winding your jaws back up and then continue!

Coogan and Brydon’s enlightening sojourns incorporate Greek sunshine, cordon bleu dining and impersonations of various James Bond actors and late comedian Ronnie Corbett…… Sun, haute cuisine and a hearty guffaw, just the remedy for a rainy, cold evening on the Leeds/Wakey borders!

Apart from my habitual venture down literary lane, I’ve not undertaken much today. I wrote a narrative titled Day & Night Terrors before lunch, slept for part of the afternoon, cooked/ate tea and as hour/minute hands show a time of 7.35pm, I’ll shortly conclude this, my second and final random explosion of life’s little peccadilloes.

Jees, it’s boiling hot in this bedroom. On checking the source of these sauna like conditions, I identified my mum’s turned on the central heating, subsequently bequeathing her residence climes not dissimilar to the Mediterranean.

Consequently, despite not being party to the sun, scenery and top scran which accompanied Coogan and Brydon around Greece, at least I’ll get a feel for temperatures they endured while filming!….. Phew, I’m boiling! Time to nip downstairs for a Magnum iced lolly methinks!