According to meteorologists, along with an acquaintance whose hat has just blown off in a southerly direction, there’s now a cold northerly wind enveloping the UK. Taking over the baton from the warm southerly breeze experienced in the previous few days.

With that particular air flow, comes the advent of chillier temperatures sourced from Scandinavia and Icelander Oleg Eriksonsonson’s huge freezer door being left ajar. Consequently, climatic conditions in Blighty have regressed to a few weeks ago when penguins roamed our COVID-19 tainted avenues and alleyways.

I’ve no idea if penguins carry or can transmit the coronavirus, but I do know the splendid chippy on East Ardsley Main Street did a roaring trade with their presence, until the thermometer undertook an upwardly mobile U-turn a week or so back….. Additionally, after witnessing such behaviour, I can confide these flightless aquatic birds are not great respecters of the social distancing concept when queueing for haddock and chips!


During exposure to a childhood nursery rhyme I learned:-

The north wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then?
Poor thing.

To which I would counter “Never mind about the chuffing robin!…..  What about the plant cuttings I just planted in the garden border? Cultivations who’re now gonna be exposed to chilled temperatures during a critical phase of root bedding into unfamiliar soil.

I learned today that, during the lockdown, a friend has taken to solving jigsaw puzzles. A pastime which they find concentrates the mind. I understand they’ve never completed any of these puzzles, but to be honest when they endeavour to solve the bloody things while sitting in a water-filled bath it’s hardly surprising!

Yours truly cooked a shepherds pie and fresh veg for mine and maters Easter dinner. It was a splendid meal; a culinary effort of which I rightly felt proud; especially as I’d never previously cooked the dish.

Even Mrs S, who bears an ingrained reticence at heaping praise on any of her offspring felt moved to compliment my culinary efforts. On conclusion of her meal, imparting kudos in the words “I honestly thought that’d be worse than it actually was!……  Do you know what time Countryfile is on, Gary?”

Dusk is drawing in on West Yorkshire as I commence this paragraph. Looking out onto my back garden, two of the six solar powered border lights that circumvent the soiled areas have illuminated. I’m unsure why the others haven’t yet lit, or even if they will. Actually a third beacon has just ignited!…… Patience is a virtue, Strachan!!

This is a stark time in the history of the world. Every single COVID-19 death is a tragedy. I’ve got to say, though, it bemuses me when people feel moved to highlight that Coronavirus is indiscriminate. No respecter of status, age, creed, colour….. Is that not the case for every virus that’s ever existed?!….. Asking for a friend whose CEO of Stating the Bleeding Obvious Society!

Stay safe people!!