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Angst About Boundaries

This morning, while undertaking one my habitual odysseys back and forth to the vast planet of social media, I was amused when witnessing a gallows humour MeMe. This posting from a chap whimsically proffering, during the current COVID-19 lockdown, his car’s fuel economy now stood at three weeks to the gallon.

Penning whimsy which won’t offend during this stark episode is a fine balancing act. If an author’s observation lands on the side of offensive, whether intended or otherwise, reputational damage and reader goodwill can diminish swiftly. This connection with the readership, which oft has taken time to construct, ending with a few misguided strokes of the pen.

For example, the following fictional paragraph written for my previous blog Living Fred’s Life, relating to UK PM Boris Johnson’s current condition in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), was something whose inclusion I pondered for quite a while.

Even though it’s not being disparaging to the prime minister in any way, the fact he’s still not recovered manifested doubts of whether this was a suitable fictional titbit at this juncture. Anyhow, after much mulling, I left the paragraph within the 600+ word narrative. This prose went as follows:-

“His return to a ward (when out of ICU) with other patients affording him an opportunity to embark on escapades with Jim Dale, along with the spirits of Sid James and Bernard Bresslaw. Their bawdy behaviour, including employing guffawing ‘mucky’ laughs; along with removal of TV subtitles, denying hard of hearing fellow patient Arthur Clack the pleasure of viewing favourite show ‘Bargain Hunt’.”

Hopefully, this non-insult won’t see me added to a MI5 hit list. Old Bozza would have to pretty sensitive to order a hit on me for something that wasn’t meant as disparaging. Although, I suspect the mop haired leader has far much more on his mind at the minute…… One of them won’t be to locate where his comb is!

I neither support Bozza’s party, or indeed any other political party. This consequential of an ingrained cynicism there’s skullduggery afoot with many MP’s on all sides….. Apart from the UK Non-Skullduggery Party who are refreshingly transparent in their dealings and manifesto. Their policies are sh**e, but at least I can’t accuse them as lacking candour!

I hope Boris Johnson soon emerges strongly from his dreadful pathogen sourced experience. My good wishes to the prime minister are borne from two main reasons. Firstly, I wish him absolutely no ill will; secondly I don’t want a situation where the UK’s political landscape is blighted with the sight of odious Jacob Rees-Mogg as prime minister.

I’ve just informed my mater, who house I’m currently residing in, what my thoughts were about Jacob Rees-Mogg. She wasn’t impressed with my polemic, stating she felt I shouldn’t make statements like that as “Jacob is someone’s son!”…… A surprising argument, bearing in mind earlier, during a discussion relating to ex-England football managers, she informed me ” I would trust that Sam Allardyce with a bleeding barge pole!”

Elderly Parents – You can’t live with them. You can’t live without them!…..  But you gotta love them!!


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