Sitting in COVID-19 induced isolation, I’ve just unearthed the idiosyncratic metaphor that global residences have taken on the mantle of wombs to their nations symbolic stir crazy embryos.

Those affected not denotatively gestating from a physical growth perspective; moreover, this quarantining will cultivate the afflicted’s minds, outlook and spirit. Consequently, exiting incarceration bearing less selfish, more benevolent behavioural traits than prior to deprivation of unhindered liberty.

Of course, these poetic utterances are merely a pipe dream – Mine the deluded aspirations of a dreamer. Fluffy unachievable notions, residing on the same plateau of implausibility as The New Seekers desire to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony; or Whitney Houston when she warbled in refrain:-

“I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be … ”

There’s nothing wrong with a dream, especially if it contains the fragrant Margot Robbie, however they have to be manoeuvred away from the delusional. Such as, holding aspirations of becoming invisible, or hoping Sainsburys store will one day hold a ‘Buy One, Get Five Free’ offer on wine.

I suppose in the era of detritus introduced in the wake of the insipid coronavirus, our dreams goals become simpler, although not necessarily easier to achieve. Key aspirations becoming the safety of yourself, family and loved ones. Desires which gain momentum with worldwide death tolls escalating alarmingly every day.

In the slipstream of forecasted sunshine from tomorrow in the UK, there’ve been concerns calls from the government for the populace to maintain discipline. Not to let solar rays lure them outside, subsequently risking lives. So the advocacy from our leaders is stay inside troops. Keep away from that sun!….. Have we learned nothing from Icarus, people?!

Seriously, though, as TV presenter/writer Piers Morgan correctly posited via Twitter ‘If people ignore Govt. advice & go out unnecessarily this weekend because ‘the weather’s nice’, then they are traitors to every nurse & doctor who has died this week & to all NHS workers continuing to risk their lives for us. STAY HOME.’

Will our people adhere to this advice, predominantly aimed at saving lives and reducing pressure on the National Health Service, so they can acquire a sun tan they won’t be able to show off to anybody?…….  Only time will tell!…… Using my metaphor in the first paragraph, not complying with government edicts may result with sojourn from womb to tomb.

Ever since I had my heart attack in January 2019, life events colouring my life canvas sometimes lead to notions that, like Bruce Willis’ character in the movie The Sixth Sense, I’ve passed away but aren’t in on the gag yet. The enforced leaving of my marital home after thirty years and this unprecedented pandemic all adding to the dream-like feel to my prevailing existence.

If I’ve indeed pegged it can you let me in on the deal. Also, can you tell my estranged wife  that I left because I thought she was ignoring me; I’d absolutely no idea she couldn’t bloody see me!!!