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Better In Than Out!

Commencing this journal, I’m attempting to compute the latest COVID-19 update just witnessed on TV. This concerning news, delivered during the daily UK governmental briefing, informing the British public it’ll be an achievement if, amid our war with the spiteful COVID-19 pathogen, Britain keeps the nations death toll to under 20,000. A truly disquieting best case scenario!

To put that into context, the NHS England chief’s forecast, at the aforementioned briefing, indicates the minimum of UK lives that’ll be lost consequential of the coronavirus is twenty times the nations current fatality toll!

Stark times not just in the UK but also around the globe!….. Today, while witnessing the ever increasing fatalities world wide, it felt like I was witnessing a perverse parody of the Olympic medals table as, on a daily basis, news channels advise of rising contraction/ death tolls among global nations. No nation seemingly immune from this dreadful loss of life.

Where will it end?…. During this unprecedented incident no one can elucidate with any certainty when things can return to normal. The only bulletin that can be delivered with servitude is the knowledge many more will lose their lives worldwide.

German physician Horst Chestnut-Tree, a leading authority on viral epidemics, summed the current coronavirus situation up best when responding “How the f*** do I know!” upon being asked at a press conference “When will we receive redemption from this Godforsaken microorganism?”


Although it’d be heartwarming to think we can turn back the clock to a time before the advent of this destructive microbe, instead in the early hours of tomorrow this sceptred isle’s clocks move forward from Greenwich Meantime (GMT) to British Summer Time (BST).

Among the timepieces being moved sixty minutes hence, the town hall clocks residing in the Yorkshire town of Clackfield’s Victorian clock tower. These four clock faces, standing proudly several metres above it’s passing townsfolk, have all stopped at various junctures without repair; consequently, all exhibiting conflicting times.

From the north side of the tower to the western facade, the quartet of horological displays showing times of 8.17, 3.14, 10.32 and 11.49 respectively. However from 2am on Sunday these chronometers will inform ever alert  citizens they’re currently existing in the local time of 9.17, 4.14, 11.32 or 12.49.

There’s an adage which tells that a stopped clock is at least right twice a day. I suppose the cash strapped Clackfield District Council may argue one of their four town hall tower in situ timepieces provide the populace with the correct time at least eight times per day.

Some may question what’s the point of moving a clock forward an hour when the flipping thing doesn’t work. An enquiry answered by highlighting Clackfield District Council may not be able to afford the town hall clock tower renovations, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t uphold traditional daylight saving time edicts.

Keep on, keeping on safe, people!….. You know it makes sense!

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