LS Lowry in LS11?!

Sustained by a Costa coffee, sausage sandwich and a bottle of iced sparkling water, I currently gaze down from a perch in the aforementioned cafe. The target of this voyeurism the massed ranks of consumers below as they wander the main shopping centre thoroughfare, in which I temporarily lodge.

There’s something almost poetic about watching these browbeaten looking souls navigate the retail outlets aisles. This visual sonnet, whose verses relay sights of stoop gaited proletariat wrapped in predominantly dark coats, manifesting notions that what my prying eye witnesses is a scene from a latter day LS Lowry mill canvas.

Despite our times being significantly more affluent than the era endured by subjects of Lowry’s artistic interpretations of early 20th century working class Manchester, the people’s forlorn body language suggests an overt disenchantment similar to that exhibited by subjects of the Stretford born artist.

Surveying these individuals, as they discontentedly shuffle below my vantage point in the White Rose Shopping Centre, leads to a wry grin as my mother’s saying “You don’t know you’re bleeding born!”, regularly relayed in my childhood when exhibiting disenchantment, springs to mind.

The sight I witness backing my oft aired advocacy that long term human fulfilment is the holiest of all grails. A chalice that can never be located from any purchase no matter how much desired or decadent. Our biology, identical throughout the history of man, dictating longevity of contentment is an elusive mistress regardless of era.

Sure, contemporary times allow us greater opportunity for the short term highs than our early 20th century forefathers. Fundamentally, though, I’d suggest long term fulfilment is no easier to find despite existence in an era of plenty.

lowry 2

I’m not a scientist, genealogist, psychologist so my utterances are not delivered with anything more informed than gut feeling. My notions borne from witnessing the negativity, spite and disenchantment too often displayed by the not so silent majority. Sure, many people have genuine grievances and situations that are worthy of their disenchantment….. However, many who complain about their lot haven’t!

To be honest, I’ve absolutely no idea where I’m going with these polemic observations. I sat down an hour, or so, back having no intention on airing my uninformed notions about human behavioural traits…… Like many spontaneous actions, though, it just happened!

I’m equally at a loss as to the message this essay is attempting to offer the reader. Oft informed I look a right miserable f***er, I’d not dream for one moment of advocating others should cheer the f*** up a tad!….. Although, it’s a notion that me and many others should perhaps subscribe to.

For what it’s worth, I suppose what I’m endeavouring to elucidate is it’s pointless being melancholic about our failure to attain long-term existential fulfilment; In my strong opinion utopia doesn’t exist.

Of the hundred of thousands of words I’ve written during this literary odyssey, The previous 400+ words are probably the most pretentious self-righteous bollocks I’ve ever had the audacity to posit in type.

Consequently, ignore this blog’s message and live your life being kind. Additionally, if you live by the Gore Vidal observation of “It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.”, DON’T!!!

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