‘4G, or not 4G, that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous data coverage,
Or to take arms against a lack of Facebook
And by losing end my contract. To move — to join EE….’

Transcript Shakespeare may’ve utilised to commence a Hamlet soliloquy had the Prince of Denmark been an O2 customer during yesterday’s data network loss.

Prose the bard may quill for Claudius’ nephew to relay as he grows ever tortured by a paucity of internet coverage. His world darkening, events causing him to mull over available options as his mental health swiftly diminishes.

With widespread data network issues, yesterday witnessed a Britain stricken by an epidemic of e-misery. As a consequence, up and down the country our citizens oft caught checking their mobile data devices, prior to a frustrated exclamation of “Bloody hell, it’s still not back!…… At this rate I’m gonna have to chat with our lass when we’re at the pub tonight!”

In our contemporary times, outside of family poor health, bereavement or job loss, deprivation of your mobile phone data services is about as serious as it gets for our e-dependent populus. So severe in fact that the O2 data story lead the national headline news – This despite strong journalistic competition from tales of our Brexit debacle.

Admittedly, some of the apps that weren’t available to the phone company’s customers were critical to it’s user. However, with Wifi and voice networks unaffected, isn’t it the case the vast majority of those impacted would be in non-critical (inconvenienced) manner? Does that constitute a lead story on a national news bulletin?

I don’t know the answers to those questions. I’m just playing devil’s advocate over whether the severity of customer impact was commensurate to it’s reporting and subsequent reputational damage incurred by O2. 

From my own experiences in this field of work, one thing I do know is the company’s IT service management team would’ve experienced a day from hell. Not to mention, an equally torrid upcoming few weeks facilitating the post-incident mop up.

Anyhow, enough already with wearing your old IT service management hat, Gary!….. A piece of millinery that didn’t/doesn’t suit you, or indeed that you ever again wish to don in a work environment.

Changing the subject, I’m looking forward to opening door number 8 of casa Strachan’s advent calendar tomorrow. Behind it will be my brother Ian, his fiancee Ann and daughter Iona who are making a pre-Christmas visit to Leeds. I don’t know how they got into the calendar, but hearteningly our kid says it’ll saved them a fortune on train fares from Newcastle.

Seriously, though, I’m really looking forward to seeing my kid bro for the weekend. Our opportunities to meet up are of a premium – Distance only allowing us to meet on a handful of occasions every year – The last time I saw him was August when we undertook some landscape gardening for our mum.

During that visit Ian and my wine consumption contributed to this summer’s the Great West Yorkshire Pinot Grigio Drought of 2018. His infamy for quaffing the grape now so widespread, on hearing of his impending arrival, Yorkshire wine merchants invoked contingency plans to avoid similar wine shortages over the festive period.

I’m unaware what those contingency plans are, however if Yorkshire wine merchants wish to effectively protected the county stocks, I’ hope they include sending our Ian on a train to Lancashire!……. That’ll teach him!……. I don’t know what it’ll teach him, but it will!

Ian’s my lifelong best buddy, along with cohort during many of yours truly’s happier life incidents. A caring individual with great generosity of spirit, he’d give you the shirt off his back. Although be warned if you suffer from OCD, his shirts check symmetry is off kilter. 

I need to conclude this narrative now as my wife’s booked me on an outer body experience afternoon at the park in Kippax. I’m unsure what this experience day entails, but I’ve be told to only eat a light lunch and the dress code is smart/casual.

Enjoy your weekend!