Landmark of Sorts

Today’s blog is the 1300th I’ve written/published on my website since embarking on this literary journey at the end of March 2015.

Not a milestone of any astonishing note other than perhaps it’s number ending with ’00’, but still a point in my creative odyssey where I feel it’s appropriate to reflect on those narratives that brought me to this juncture. My lexilogical children like my human offspring, legacies I survey with pride and hope for the future; although I hope the phone bill’s cheaper!

Firstly, I’d like to thank my number one fan the Archbishop of Deacon (or is it the Archdeacon of Bishop?…. I best check that before I publish) for counting every blog on the website to provide me with a numeric indication of my creative productivity.

This would have no doubt been a laborious task for the clergyman. However, if he manages to get through my daily literary locutions he must have a pretty decent boredom threshold – Making him up to the job.

What have been the highlights of the journey to destination blog 1300?

As I can’t recall every single word of the 100,000’s I’ve written (unlike the Archbishop) I’ve decided to pick a paragraph or two randomly from a few of my monologues. Due to my selection method, not necessarily my most accomplished pieces of work, but hopefully I can find something among the tomes that can at least make you smile.

I’ve written on a vast spectrum of subject from childhood, family, football, cricket, entertainment, old Mrs Young, young Mrs Old, middle-aged Mrs Dotage and dotage dwelling Mrs Middle-Age.

Below are a few snippets from 20+ of my books I’ve self-published during this time:-


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