An Autumnal Acronym Adjustment

Well that’s it, the clocks have gone back….. So has the TV, microwave and the Sir Clive Woodward bone china tea set…… Bloody bailiffs!

Seriously, though, after a 60 minute overnight time regression, we are now back on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The upshot being British Summer Time (BST) for 2016 has gone to visit previous years BST’s in the sky….. Or wherever expired BST’s go after their race is run.

As a result, we swap from the summer solar time acronym to many peoples least favourite. The new acronym brings with it colder weather, black nights and the awkwardness of finding my undies on dark mornings without putting a light on.

So overnight we in the UK got an extra hour in bed, which when I was younger was great. However, in middle age it’s a bind; a night where I get woken an additional time by my bursting bladder.

So this evening the sun will depart an hour earlier, light bulbs commence their new six month extended shift pattern and the vampire in the garage has sixty minutes extra to cause blood sucking havoc.

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At this point I was gonna write a crap joke about the vampire choosing Keith Richards as his victim last night to prove that you can got blood out of a Stone. However, on reflection, I decided to give it a miss….. Although I think I’ve just told it anyway!

I’ve spent most of my day so far cutting back the climbing plants on my back fence at the foot of mon jardin. It’s been an enduring task where, due to inherent boredom, I longed for it to be finished…… I guess it’s a bit like your experience while reading this blog!

Normally, I write first thing on a morning due to feeling more inspired at that time; followed by any jobs I have. Being a maverick, though, Sunday’s itinerary has been reversed. It’s been a Benjamin Button day for yours truly, where I’ve formulated my plans to occur arse about face.

Incidentally, when I say it’s been a Benjamin Button day, I’m not referring to the fact I’m getting younger as the day progresses. What I allude to is my schedule being the opposite of the status quo; much in the way Mr Button reversed the aging process.

I was aching like heck when I finished the gardening. A mixture of damp working conditions, in conjunction with lots of picking up of discarded leaves and vines, ensured a stiffness of spine I’d not encountered since errrrrr……… well, the last time my spine was really stiff.

On returning into the house, I complained to my wife Karen how much I ached from the laborious chore I’d just undertaken. As I flexed my back to try remove this stiffness, she responded “What do you expect? your not getting any younger!”

“In that case, I’ll get chuffing Benjamin Button to do it next time!” I somewhat unkindly muttered under my breath. As I murmured this, there was an alarming clicking noise as I tried to free up my back. Thankfully, it was just the boiler kicking into life not me exacerbating any back issues.

Anyway since yesterday, my back fence has had its autumnal pruning, I’ve had an extra hour in bed, required an additional overnight pee and my garage vampire has perked up a bit.

A productive day all round in the Strachan household.

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