True or False?

In lieu of today’s daily observations, I enclose questions yours truly wrote and delivered during yesterday’s Zoom quiz with buddies. Endeavouring to augment the already high levels of brio imparted by fellow participant, my inquiries the usually absurd ‘True or False’ format. A concept habitually adopted for these occasions by GJ Strachan.

Please note, any answer highlighted as true (in bold) don’t, in fact, bear not one shred of truth.

True or False

1) True or False – After soap opera Crossroad’s completed its run, simpleton character Benny gifted his green woollen hat to his nan for use as a tea cosy? – True

2) True or False – The Soup Dragon on 1970’s kids show The Clangers was also the broadcaster of Saturdays football results on Grandstand? False – He was a commentator on rival World of Sport’s horse racing segment, the ITV Seven.

3) True or False – Noel Edmonds procured contestants for his 1980’s quiz show Telly Addicts from the Betty Ford Clinic? – False – They were all inmates from Redcar Open Prison.

4) True or False – Steps singer Ian Watkins chose the stage name ‘H’ instead of his real initial ‘I’ due to a severe vowel allergy? – True

5) True or False – Secretly despising his audience, gameshow royalty Bruce Forsyth was being disingenuous when proffering his catchphrase “Nice to see you; to see you…..”? – True

6) True or False – The chaser’s on the ITV gameshow The Chase are contractually obliged to have faces like clumsy beekeepers? – False – The fact they all possess questionable aesthetics is purely a coincidence.

7) True or False – The survey data on Les Dennis’ Family Fortunes weren’t really the answers of the general public. They were the conclusions of On The Buses driver/clippy Reg and Jack, written in the bus depot canteen over lunch? True

8 True or False – Richard Osman, the question master of gameshow Pointless is so tall he doesn’t require ladders to wash the third story windows of his Hampstead home? False. Dickie has a window cleaner called Bernard.

9 True or False – In an attempt to boost Saturday evening ratings, ITV have a pilot gameshow due on the airways called ‘The Harder They Fall’. Presented by ex-footballer Vinnie Jones, contestants are encouraged to knock tall celebrities on their backside with one punch? False. The work in progress title of this new concept is ‘Giving It All That’

10) True or False – Former University Challenge presenter Bamber Gascoigne was uncle to ex-England footballer Gazza? – True

11) True or False – During his later shows of Bamber Gascoigne’s University Challenge era, the role of presenter was secretly undertaken by fellow bespectacled ginger Woody Allen? False – Woody’s stumbling neuroses ruled him out of the gig.

12) True or False – ‘3,2,1’ quiz host Ted Rogers was coincidentally the victim of 321 bee stings during his life? True

13) True or False – Melanie and Martina Grant, the cheerleading twins on Pat Sharp’s 1980s/90s gameshow Fun House, were co-joined until their 17th birthday? False.

14) True or False – Hard man cockney Mike Reid, presenter of TV quiz show Runaround in the 1970s, would’ve been a great contestant in ITV’s violent pilot show ‘The Harder They Fall’? True

15) True or False – Despite having a bloody big ‘L’ and ‘R’ on his wellington boots, 1970’s/80s Irish comedian/gameshow host Jimmy Cricket still places the footwear on the bloody wrong feet? True

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