Liberty Brings Responsibility

Liberty brings with it responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” – George Bernard Shaw

A quote yours truly read a few days back which, bearing in mind prevailing global social and political sentiment, resonated strongly with me. Shaw’s adage warning us with the gift of freedom comes an obligation. A duty to put skin on the table, embracing protocols and behaviour displaying an appreciation of the blessed offering, which’s deprived to so many.

GBS not advocating citizens display blind acquiescence or unworthy deference to the undeserving. Moreover, suggesting those bequeathed a libertarian lifestyle should acknowledge this legacy; subsequently behaving in a manner commensurate to democratic living. In a nutshell, there’s gotta be some reciprocity of goodwill for that freedom.

At this juncture, I’d like to clarify this polemic isn’t for one moment a vain glorious attempt to advise individuals how to conduct there lives. I possess neither the knowledge or virtue to make such exhibitions of literary hubris.

After all, I’m a northern Englishman of average intelligence. Subsequently, GJ Strachan bears neither the worldly wiseness or intelligence of a Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, or our ice cream man Billy; therefore has no right to trounce anyone’s behaviour.

That being said, most people don’t possess that level of erudition and philosophical wherewithal either. Consequently, expressing my notions bears equal validity to, say, Thacklethwaite Town Cryer Terence Goodshoe’s right to raucously orate his bulletins…… Although rest assured my words will be delivered significantly quieter than old Terence……. The noisy get!

My stark view of humanity is borne from viewing a bigger picture of human behavioural instincts. Particularly the attitudes of haters and the toxic. Individuals who misguidedly think by ridding their towns and countries of those whose race/creek/colour offend them will somehow be a catalyst to them embarking upon a new utopian lifestyle.

To my mind, these individuals failing to grasp that, with those ‘nemeses’ removed, the human condition will merely lead them on an alternative path of hatred. Another route on which they’d blame a different group or tribe for their existential disenchantment….. In a nutshell, the human condition, ignorance and nurture are the underlying problems here, not the individuals despised by the misguided.

In the half century, or so, I’ve existed on this Earth it’s clear haters will always hate, lovers will alway love and lion tamers will use a whip and chair. Sadly, the prevailing sentiments from those playing in this adult ball pit is they shouldn’t ever be inconvenienced; additionally that they’re entitled to everything they want, and bear responsibility for nothing…… Behaviours exhibited globally on numerous occasions within the past twelve months.

Despite my rose tinted naivety, I begrudgingly except the human condition will always make us amongst the worst, if not the worst, of species roaming this planet. No matter how we evolve, I’m under no illusion that certainty will change….. After all, improved human behaviour is currently behind aligning digits more compatibly conduced to Playstation handsets on god’s evolutionary ‘To Do’ list.

That being said, the hatred and toxicity of those with that mindset may be eased a tad if they perhaps embraced an awareness they aren’t entitled to everything they want, along with news they will be inconvenienced at some points within their lives. Dealing with those road bumps revealing their true self, not the actions when everything falls into place.

Whether my words bear any basis in truth maybe debatable. However, the fact many human beings need to address their selfishness and intolerance at being inconvenienced isn’t open for debate.

“Liberty brings with it responsibility, a need for tolerance, selflessness, humanity and a ’99’ cone from Billy the ice cream man.” Gary Strachan

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