This morning the UK government announced they’ve ordered millions of doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.

Thank the Lord, the cavalry is on its way and come springtime this country’s populace maybe able to reclaim some semblance of pre-COVID existence. Our leaders bulletin making today a historic day; one which’ll live long in the memory….. Unless, of course, you contract Alzheimers, or a side affect of the jab is loss of mental recall.

In years to come, when my grandkids ask what I was doing when hearing about this COVID vaccine procurement, I’ll be able to inform them their grandad, having just woken, was laid in his bed……. That being said, my cursing following the BBC News’ alert waking me with this bulletin will remain my little secret….. Unless, of course, they read it in this narrative sometime in the future.

I’m unsure whether my progeny or their offspring will ever read my literary legacy. After all, if my now adult kids kids Jonny and Rachel carry out a mischievous threat to use my tomes as barbecue kindling, the fruit of my literary loins (well, erratic mind) maybe in the spent charcoal graveyard in the sky before they have kids of their own.

Changing topic, yesterday I saw an article on the BBC News website telling of a strange metal monolith which’s been discovered in the Utah desert by a helicopter crew. This find leaving local authorities baffled.

Wildlife officials spotted the “unusual” object while counting sheep during a flyover in a remote south-eastern area of the US state. The structure appearing to’ve been planted in the ground between red rocks. Currently, there’s no indication who installed the monolith, which was about 10 to 12ft (3.6m) tall.

I don’t know what’s amazed me the most, the discovery of this unaccounted for edifice, or the fact they let a helicopter pilot count sheep…. Good god, he could’ve fallen asleep at the wheel!!…… An act of wanton recklessness if you ask me……. Oh, you weren’t asking me?

Apparently, Utah authorities are determining if “they need to investigate further“. Going on to advise “It’s illegal to install structures or art without authorisation on federally managed public lands, no matter what planet you’re from.” the department said.

Fearing explorers may try to seek it out and “become stranded”, the department has not disclosed the exact location of the monolith. The only clue into the contents of this sealed edifice is an A4 piece of paper on one side stating ‘Discarded Election Votes For DJT – Property of Dominion Software‘.

Anyhow, god bless Pfizer and the other two companies who’re close to gaining coronavirus vaccine approval. As a consequence of their hard work, tenacity and diligence, within the next six months I maybe able to attend a live sporting event, the theatre, cinema and feel safe having a beer in a city centre bar.

Todays news of the COVID antidotes licence approval, a scientific breakthrough of the magnitude of Archimedes when, around 250 BC, he discovered the science of buoyancy. A notion manifesting itself while old Archie was sitting in his bath.

This bath time scenario providing him with an epiphany that an objects volume can be determined by putting it in water and measuring the displaced liquid. This discovery placing the scientist into such euphoric state he took to the streets of his town naked, excitedly shouting “Eureka!” (I’ve found it) at passersby.

Mercifully, during the governments announcement that they’d procured millions of coronavirus vaccines, politicians wearing of clothes were maintained throughout.

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