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Got There….. Just!

It’s my birthday. Without wishing to appear overly melodramatic, a landmark two recent medical afflictions nearly deprived me of. January’s cardiac arrest and a gastric haemorrhage earlier this month a duo of unwelcome life events that battered me physically, but thankfully thus far haven’t broken my mental spirit. Anyhow, enough of the morbid what might’ve beens, Strachan! It’s the anniversary of your birth, pen something positive, uplifting, humorous or thought-provoking; […]

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The Perils of Being Named Cedric

A humid atmosphere in West Yorkshire is Saturday evening’s meteorological companion. Significant downpours not only desperately required by the parched garden flora and fauna, but also to freshen baroscopic readings. Before I proceed, I’d like to welcome the word baroscopic into the fold of words utilised on It’s inaugural use has been a long time coming, which has been remiss of me to some extent. However in my defence, […]

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Waiting for the Planets to Align?

“It’s not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”A misquoted mantra attributed to Cassius in Act 1 of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Although incorrectly quoted, it matters not as his thoughts on how we shape our destiny bear parallel to what Shakespeare actually penned – “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings.” Cassius advising his fellow conspirator of his belief […]

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Sprinkled Moon Dust in Your Hair

Twenty eight years ago today I became a father for the first time following my son Jonny joining the cast of this reality show called life. A rollercoaster of a gig that my boy has thus far weathered relatively well, arriving into adulthood as an engaging and grounded young man of whom I’m very proud. Never short of a whimsical putdown or a quip at his dad’s expense, Jonny is […]

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Defrosting The Da Vinci Code

Tuesday 24th April – I’m Bexley Wing in situ, sitting on a waiting room sofa adjacent to my wife. Our attendance at the Leeds hospital wing necessitated by her appointment for monthly oncology treatment. Patients left and right aren’t clowns and jokers – Although we are ‘stuck in the middle’*** of patients and their brood. That being said, the queues aren’t substantial, so stop wittering GJ Strachan and concentrate on […]

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Weather Sucks; Wetherspoons

Tuesday 17th April – Yesterdays rocketing temperatures in West Yorkshire meant I was able to fulfil my much awaited re-entry into the world of horticultural maintenance. Solar rays bequeathing us warmth hitherto unexperienced in 2018. Heat of such ferocity if you sat close enough to a fire pit it was just about bearable enough to sit at the patio table. That being said, coats or excessive bodily hirsuteness were still […]

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Rhyming Conundrums

Uninvited, unexpected, unwelcome and under our skin, heavy snow is once again ‘gracing’ the populace of West Yorkshire. Woken by my spouse Karen’s singing as she ironed, this morning I jumped out of bed to be greeted yet again by a carpet of snowflakes…… It’s no good, I’m going to have to get that flaming roof fixed! I’ll also have to request the missus stops ironing in my bedroom…… Or, […]

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