Yesterday evening GJ Strachan joined seven buddies to partake in a Zoom quiz. This inquisition, in part, a display of deference to folk singing/whistling legend Roger Whittaker. Amongst this reverence some group members fleetingly adorning card masks bearing the warbler’s visage.

This evening of esprit taking the form of general knowledge queries relating to a selection of Whittaker’s life events, along with non-RW related games of Blankety Blank and Call My Bluff. Latterly, the clambake changing format to incorporate melodic ‘party piece’ refrains from the musicians amongst our gang.


Within this homage to Roge, as is my want, I provided a round of the absurd. A series of questions added for jocularity, their answers residing most firmly in the domain fictional.

Borrowing heavily from cockeyed comedy in TV quiz Shooting Stars’ derisory ‘True or False’ round, these intentionally off the wall queries were segwayed into the entertainment melting pot as whimsical distractions from the sensible stuff. This inanity not counting towards contestants overall marks:-

  1. True or False – A renowned Luddite who despises change, Roger Whittaker still licks self-adhesive stamps?True
  2. True or False – Having terrible trouble opening train doors due to a carpal tunnel affliction, Roger is infamous for being late to gigs, rehearsals and meetings with his Austrian manager Chapped Thighs?False
  3. True or false – Deeming Domestos bleach to contain too high a level of sodium hypochlorite, Whittaker cleans his six toilets and 4 bidets with Toilet Duck – Bowl Cleaner? – True
  4. True of False – Whittaker has been petrified of tarantulas since watching one scaling James Bond’s back in the movie Dr No in 1962?False
  5. True of False – Famous in Germany in the 1970s/80s for singing a raft of songs in the German language, RW was even able to perform the whistled melody sections in fluent Bavarian? – True
  6. True of False – Infamous for losing things, when once asked by his wife “Where’s the car keys?” a fluster Roger responded “I’m not sure, love!”False
  7. True of False – In the early 1970’s, RW became a huge fan of rugby league, leading his inter gig song banter been performed in the voice of then BBC RL commentator Eddie Waring?False
  8. True or False – In 1978, after receiving a head injury sustained during a car crash in Bolton, for the following fortnight Roger was adamant he could see into the future. Predicting both the horrors of Brexit and the insipid rise to minor celebrity of Jedward.False
  9. True or False – When Whittaker met Otis Redding in Detroit (1965) he questioned his integrity…. Sadly, Redding’s integrity didn’t know the answer to that question?False
  10. True or False – Roger’s brown garden waste wheelie bin get emptied ever second Friday?True 
  11. True or False – Originally Whittaker wanted to adopt the stage name Roger Overandout, but relented after his Austrian manager Chapped Thighs argued the move was overly coy.False
  12. True or False – Roger has never knowingly overpaid for trellis work?True
  13. True or False – Whittaker can parp the tune to Amazing Grace by ass organ (the less hygienic sibling of a mouth organ).False
  14. True or False – In the video for his version of Streets of London, Roger was dressed as a pearly king?False.
  15. True or False – During it’s last MOT test, RW’s car failed to pass due to worn tread on the inside of the front passenger tyre, along with having a rocking chair as a drivers seat – False 


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