After positive feedback, I’ve been moved to publish more of my lockdown poetry.

When I say positive feedback, I’m referring to a comment received this morning following yesterday evening’s publishing of my sonnet Legacy To The Progeny …… An acquaintance so emotionally stirred by my prose they posited “I tell you what, Gary….. That poem was nowhere near as s***e as I thought it’d be!!”

This piece an updated version of a poem I penned relating to the garden of my marital home….. A place of serenity and aesthetic beauty I miss dreadfully:-


Jardin Sanctuaire 

Kaleidoscopic sanctuary, redolent of perfume

Beautifying Castle of Englishman, with Caledonian moniker

Nurtured over a score summers with scheme and graft

Perennial pride of Englishman and stricken betrothed

Source of fleeting liberty from existential foreboding

Nature’s sword against unyielding angst


Jardin avec cornucopia of colour

Irises a sight for sore irises

Lilly the pink, not of Scaffold offering

Nectar rich foxglove stands stoic against mollusc’s relentless assault

Lavender bouquet fit for veiled half of matrimony’s bouquet

Horticultural majesty amongst suburbia of bustling metropolis


Diminutive garden in God’s own county

No water-feature like vast parkland of which to boast

Fret not David as thy allure cannot be usurped by Goliath

Your volition forbids aesthetic acquiescence to foes of scale

Hold thy petal rich stems vain-gloriously high

No peacock display can transcend thy chromatic splendour


Solar rays are no longer your bed fellow my kaleidoscopic sanctuary

Although capriciously seeking short term suitors in other climes

Fear not as their heart is yours, Englishman’s garden

A rendezvous may be only a handful of hours away

When the thirst quenching water bequeathed by the Englishman

Along with the warmth of their touch will re-invigorate once more.