I’ve just returned from a post-lunch stroll to pick up cardio meds from the pharmacy. Not a massive walk by any stretch of the imagination, however the half hour return journey was the longest hike I’ve undertaken during my rehabilitation from heart attack. Consequently, I’m heartened (pardon the pun) that I’ve achieved another small but not insignificant milestone within my recovery process.

Equally auspiciously, I managed the walk without any dramas or detriment to my health. As luck would have it, nobody startled me by leaping out unexpectedly from behind the 8ft high hedging halfway up School Lane***. Also, mercifully I wasn’t subject to a patron stood behind me banging a wooden spoon onto a metal sauce pan as I queued in the pharmacy***.

*** – To clarify, people leaping out from behind bushes on School Lane or pharmacy patrons banging wooden spoons on metal pans aren’t usual occurrences experienced by Colton residents. In fact, I’m unaware of it ever happening. That being said, when you’re on stress avoidance watch like I am you can’t rule anything out!

In fact, I felt surprisingly energised during and after the trek – A huge fillip after yesterday when I was so severely lacking in verve a large proportion of my day was spent in my recuperative pit (bed).

That being said, clearly I won’t be running any marathons anytime soon. Hopefully, though, my Thursday and Friday night shuttle runs to the beer fridge, undertaken during the rugby league season, are hopefully not too distant an aspiration. Actually, not being a fan of running, even if I was in peak fitness I’d not be partaking in a marathon.


Changing the subject, it’s good to see the nights staying lighter a bit longer on an evening, A heartening (pardon the pun….. actually, coming to think of it, it’s not a pun this time!) sign that we’re only weeks from the kaleidoscopic reinvigoration of garden borders.

In a month or so, snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, primulas, narcissi and bluebells will start bequeathing visions of chromatic majesty upon it’s grateful audience. Commencing six to eight months of horticultural colour, providing an inner serenity, calming the soul and manifesting unquantifiable admiration at mother nature’s bounty.

Despite having to take the harder manual elements of gardening steadier this year, I can’t wait to get back into my garden. A sanctuaire kaliedoscopique bestowing upon me a plateau of tranquillity and happiness few other domains can achieve. Apart from maybe an afternoon sitting in my beer fridge****, or lunching at an all you can eat pizza joint.

**** – Getting into the beer fridge is a chuffing nightmare but once inside the magic happens!!!

Anyhow, as I write this it’s early evening on the penultimate day of January 2019. A month that’s been a bit of a write-off for me after my heart attack during it’s watch. That being said, my enforced rest and recuperation has given me more writing opportunities, which has been a godsend from a stress perspective.

Right, I’m off to sit in my beer fridge until the spring flowers bloom.