Passing the Baton

January 2019’s watch is almost at an end. In only a few short hours it’ll be handing over the monthly baton to February who’ll bequeath Northern Hemispherians slightly lighter nights, the Six Nations rugby championships and my uncle Bernard’s birthday.

January hasn’t been the kindest of calendar months to yours truly, with it’s 11th day seeing me suffer a heart attack. This life event leading to the remainder of the month becoming a groundhog day of waking up, a Special K and banana breakfast, writing a blog, soup for lunch, more blog writing, a dinner with a copious number of veg, and finally an evening surfing the net or viewing a TV drama.

Intertwined within that routine, adopted after my hospital discharge, were a few 15-20 minute strolls designed to aid my out of sorts ticker’s recovery. Not to mention hours pondering what to get uncle Bernie for his birthday.

A restful itinerary, but not without triggers of the strain I’ve been warned by a cardiologist to avoid. This potentially life threatening incident rendering sparse my tolerance levels towards other people’s angst at what I, rightly or wrongly, deem as non-problems.

Individuals like Mrs Gasfuse on the Smolden estate whose cat Arthur last week brought home a mouse, freaking her out in the process. I’m assuming the moggy brought the small rodent home to torment and then eat; not that Arthur’s motives were for it to meet it’s potential future mother-in-law.

A friend of my wife, Edna Ginsberg from Hackwalton village, is another who’s prone to up melodrama levels regardless of how insignificant the situation. Recently kicking up an almighty fuss as she couldn’t find her slippers, leading the old lady to contact emotional support group The Samaritans.

What will February’s watch bring? Will it see Edna Ginsberg find her slippers? Or indeed Arthur the cat and his little mouse chum’s relationship receive Mrs Gasfuse’s blessing? Will killer ants take over the world? All questions I wish I had the foresight to answer…… Actually coming to think of it, apart from the first question, we can ignore them as they’re fictional situations.


Hopefully, February will see further improvements in my post-heart attack recuperation. I currently hold aspirations of when March dawns I’ll have commenced the cardiac rehabilitation team’s exercise plan; with a consequence of significantly improved my energy levels.

I’m not going to fret at what’s in store, though, as I’m sure in twenty eight days time I’ll have moved on from the groundhog days of late January. If nothing else, I’ll be able to drive again in a week or so, opening up avenues for ventures further afield and providing a welcome diversity to the habitual routine I alluded to in paragraph two above.

They say a change is a good as a rest. Well, after weeks of rest, which necessitated post-heart attack changes, hopefully February will restore my existence to near normality….. Whatever that is!

If nothing else, I just hope not being predominantly housebound anymore will motivate me to change my undies more than every other day!!

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