Better Late Than Never

There are times when the planets align allowing a rendezvous with an individual who opens your eyes to the brilliance of the human mind. Someone who teaches the simplicity of a humane act, guiding you on a path of redemption from the rudderless existential furrow you currently plough. A person whose every word you hang on, making the onerous seem easy – Focussing your thoughts onto what’s really important in life. A philosopher of such wisdom and influence you can’t help wonder why we mere mortals make things more difficult than required. A sage who embraces the idiosyncratic, encourages diversions from the mainstream and endorses creative thought and act. A savant who can convert their audiences life onto a higher plateau of self-awareness and enlightenment never previously attained. An erudite genius that can instil more knowledge in minutes than the majority can impart in a lifetime.

I’ve never met anyone like that…… However, on the plus side, according to the BBC’s lunchtime news this bl***y incessant rain will soon abate.

I’m no philosopher, I follow a simple life mantra of trying to avoid toxic and negative individuals. People who by every word and deed attempt to divide. Shooting chaff airwards, distracting others from the fact they’ve less to offer than their peers. Human’s who try, and sometimes succeed, in sapping every positive morsel from a situation – Deeming an inability to do so as a strategic failure on their part.

Characters like Ernst Hucks from Bexley Heath. A man so pessimistic his glass isn’t just half empty, so are his plate, bowl and takeaway curry carton.

Hucks so skilled at ‘putting a dampener’ on a situation he can display negativity in four different languages. A calling performed to such high standards it led to representing England in the ever growing sport of soul destruction. The Bexley Heath man whose need for melodrama and attention seeking is such he married his childhood sweetheart Candle just so he could go through the spectacle and theatrics of divorce. 

Seriously, though, I don’t do well around negativity and divisiveness. I guess I never have really. Prior to middle age, though, I was more accomplished at hiding intolerance of the doom and gloom merchants.

Incidentally, I’m not for one moment advocating how other individuals should lead their lives, which is absolutely nothing to do with me. I just wanted to relay I’d rather not make the acquaintance of people who subscribe to Hucks’ mantra. 

Anyhow, enough of my self-righteousness. When I commenced this monologue my intention was to pen whimsically in celebration of inspirational people. Sadly, as is my occasional want, I somehow felt the need to negatively add my dislike of negativity……. Hypocrisy at it’s all-consuming worst!

Despite indications to the contrary in paragraphs one and two, I’ve met many inspirational individuals over the half century I’ve resided on this planet***. Acquaintances whose opinions and guidance I not only appreciated, but also respected and acted upon. 

*** – The planet Earth. Not the one some think I wander off to with an alarming regularity.

If anything several of my most challenging existential drawbacks have been a consequence of dwelling on self-inflicted faux pas’, not the actions of others. Issues I foolishly procrastinated at addressing for far too long, but thankfully am confronting now.

Better late than never I suppose. 

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