Yesterday proved to be a productive day for yours truly.

The itinerary commencing with a visit to Wakefield Hospice, allowing my mum to witness pater’s memorial leaf on the ‘Tree of Life’. This followed by a trip into Morley for household goods, booking my car in for it’s MOT and the disposal of a pile of stuff at Seacroft Recycling Tip.

When in Morley we made an unscheduled rendezvous with some good friends, leading to a cup of coffee/tea and chinwag in Morrison’s cafe. During an exchange of news and anecdotes, a topic of denture costs raised it’s ugly head. In particular, the not inconsiderable amount dental surgeries charge to furnish your mouth with a set of falsies.

A conversation leading me to conclude that when my real gnashers depart to the tooth graveyard in the sky,*** I’ll save a few bob by sourcing replacement false teeth at a car boot sale.

*** – I utilised artistic license at this point as I’m uncertain if the tooth graveyard is in the sky. For all I know it could be on the wasteland behind the East Grimstead Co-op….. Regardless of the location of disposed molars, incissors et al, though, I’m sure it’s a serene place where they’re suitably indulged after decades of breaking down food for their owners.

My wife claims my thoughts on obtaining false teeth from a car boot sale as a disgusting notion. Personally, though, as long as they’re relatively clean and aren’t adorning bits of broccoli or month old breadcrumbs, I don’t see the problem.

She argues, even if it wasn’t an intolerably unhygienic approach to solving the loss of my natural teeth, dentures would need bespoke fitting to the shape of my gob. An observation I countered with “I’ll shove a bit more Fixodent underneath the denture plate and it’ll be fine.”

Mercifully, that’s a discussion I can place on the back burner as I’m currently in full possession of my natural teeth.


With my automobiles annual certificate of roadworthiness due to expire in a few weeks, yesterday I scheduled an appointment for it’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) check. A mechanical review I’m hoping won’t cost me the same as a set of bespoke dentures.

Thankfully for UK road safety there’s no cheap car boot alternative to ensure your car passes it’s MOT check. As much as we all like a bargain, along with preferring to channel spending our money on pleasurable experiences, the more responsible of us hopefully place human life above reckless vehicle maintenance.

I recently wrote in It’s Better Than Digging A Ditch that although I’m not precious about the aesthetics of any automobile I own, I avoid the same indifference when it applies to my car’s roadworthiness.

I’d like to think, after spending the equivalent of two sets of bespoke dentures on a recent full service of the car, it’ll pass the MOT test without me needing to misuse the fact I know my mum’s debit card PIN number…… Incidentally, I’m joshing, I don’t possess any of Mrs S’s security details.

That reminds me the old lady wants to set up power of attourney next time we’re in Morley. I’m assuming that’ll be scheduled to take place at her solicitors, not in Morrison’s cafe or a local car boot sale, to save costs.