Snail on a Whale

Today’s a day of executive decisions. To start with, I need to put some thought into the look and feel of my website , as  I currently can’t settle for a theme of which I’m 100% content.

I’m after a theme that renders bother pictures and the opening paragraph of each blog on the homepage. Preferably, I’d also like a home page function that on the click of a link goes to get me a beer out of the fridge, before serenading me with the ‘Donald Trump Sings Sinatra’ playlist on Apple Music.

Admittedly, the Trumpster’s interpretation of The Great American Songbook doesn’t compare to the majesty of ‘Old Blue Eyes’ portrayals of the same standards. However, DT’s melancholic version of ‘One For My Baby (And One More For The Roads)’ has an authenticity that transports you back to a Big Apple jazz club in 1950’s Manhattan.

One song I don’t think you’ll ever hear the would be wall builder sing is a Prefab Sprout number called ‘Don’t Sing’. The English band’s 1980’s track features the chorus which proffers the following sentiment:-

Oh no, don’t blame Mexico,

That’s the feast that the whiskey priest

May yet have to forego.

Rob me a color, Make the sound duller, But never go away.

I’m not sure what County Durham songwriter Paddy McAloon was telling his audience not to blame Mexico for. However, this morning the lyrics connection to the upcoming US presidential election provided me with brief inspiration. If you’ve not heard the song, it’s well worth an inaugural listen.

It appears I’ve been sidetracked somewhat from the topic of the look and feel of my website !

Yesterday evening I tinkered with the sites format. However, through frustration at being unable to find an aesthetic that ‘floated my boat’, I reverted back to a theme I used a few month back.

I don’t particularly dislike the look and feel of the reverted site, it’s just proving difficult to train at getting me a beer out of the fridge!

The one I’ve regressed to also has the disadvantage of not giving the reader a title (unless you hover over the pictures) or a start to the narrative. Leaving a homepage that gives little clue to the reader of each blogs topic.

If I was a website reviewer I would probably post the following critique of :-

“Lots of lighthearted content, but homepage gives too sparse information on what each narrative pertains to. Additionally, the ‘Go get me beer from the fridge’ hyperlink has been released live with a code bug. I was less than enamored when mine brought back a Vimto and an out of date sausage roll!”

It has to be said, though, in comparison to the far more challenging aspects of my life, these issues are really inconsequential.

If snails lived on the surface of a blue whale, my website conundrum would be a snail on a whale of a problem…….. Snail on a whale, I like that name. It would make a good moniker for a restaurant, or even a store selling snails and whales!……. That’s if there was such a thing; which there most likely isn’t.

Image result for snail whale

To conclude, I’d just like to say any feedback on the look or content of this site would be appreciated. Although, it has to be positive, I’m not interested in any of that negative crap!!….. I’m kidding, feedback of any nature is welcome.

Right, I’m off to tinker with the admin of my site, drink my Vimto and listen to DT singing ‘I’ve Got The World On a String’!

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