Looking Sharp

To fill in a loose hour or so this morning, I undertook the enthralling task of sorting and sharpening the scores of pencils procured since taking up caricature drawing last August. A task which, although well short of raising my spirits to euphoric , was a surprisingly soothing assignment.

GJ Strachan awestruck to learn that making good blunt drawing apparatus imparted similar gusto levels as jet cleaning a manky patio, switching TV channels when Richard Madeley appears on telly, or winding a flagging wrist watch.

In fact, so much was the gumption derived from this morning’s time filler, during a habitual absurd phone call with my son, Jonny, I inquired whether he fancied investing in my new idea of an art theme park with a provisional title of ‘Strachan’s Pencil Sharpening Land‘. A venture where we could introduce the public to adrenaline rushes consequential of making good blunt drawing implements.

A park which we could, perhaps, market through the Red Letter Day experience website. Providing a few hours for discerning punters with artistic inclinations, or those who just want their pencil lead at an acute end of the point spectrum, can sharpen to their hearts content.

In response to my idea, my thirty-something offspring feeling the epiphany had legs, subsequently, not ruling out his own investment outright. Although, if truth be told, Jonny seemed more enamoured with the ‘Strachan’s Winding a Flagging Wrist Watch Land’ notion…… And yes, I have heard of timepiece batteries!

Our telephone ‘business’ meeting ended with Jonny agreeing to undertake due diligence, during which his people would talk to my people to discuss the semantics of my project’s scope. I’ve no idea what due diligence, or indeed semantics mean, but I trust my son to take the sensible approach…… Sadly (for me), meaning he likely won’t touch this hokum with a very long bargepole.

Being an adrenaline junkie, upon ending ‘business’ with my son via phone, as part of an ongoing garden revamp, yours truly ventured outside to stain trellis work. The fact I intended to embark on this elation rush not relayed to my progeny……. With me suffering a heart attack two years ago, I didn’t want to unduly alert the lad his old man was indulging in two wantonly recklessly pastimes in one day…… He’s a bit of a worrier!

Anyhow, mercifully I survived this Sunday of mucho exhilaration without cardiac incident. That being said, I need to wind up my watch later, so perhaps I shouldn’t speak too soon.

Below is a drawing undertaken shortly after my pencil sharpening binge. Giving celebrity caricatures a hiatus, I decided to draw images popping into my conscious brain as the sketch progressed. This scene of a miner leaving a northern English pit, set in mid-20th century I guess, playing out as I sketched.

Thankfully, this artistic riff wasn’t the sporadic one incorporating inappropriate thoughts about the beautiful Aussie actress Margot Robbie….. I seek catharsis, but not at the expense of a social media ban.

It’s just over twenty four hours since receiving my second COVID jab. Thus far, I’ve not experience any side affects to this injection of coronavirus antibody…… Unless, of course, finding the urge to sharpen pencils is a consequence of the vaccination.

Right, now’s where’s my watch?!

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