One Man’s Trash

Is it me or have Amazon started using a one size fits all cardboard box to package purchases pre-shipping. I maybe imagining this, however it seems to me that whether you order a TV, watch or book of stamps, the same large packaging appears to be delivered to your door.

For smaller items brown sheets are strategically packed, negating against the product being hurled about its cavernous surroundings, like a pea in a blown whistle. As would be expected, the more fragile purchases encased in feet of bubble wrap to protect them within their cardboard gaol.

Don’t get me wrong, this packaging strategy makes little, if any, difference to GJ Strachan’s existence. On the contrary, I’ve currently the boon of possessing so much cardboard I’m building a second home constructed from that very raw material…… However, with its flimsy frame I just hope when completed the big bad wolf doesn’t turn up with his huffing and puffing (to blow my house down) malarky.

As I say this Amazon cardboard conundrum isn’t a big deal. Yours truly only selecting this narrative topic following yesterday’s delivery of a parcel dwarfing its contents. In my bored state at the time, the delivery manifesting notions we maybe in a grip of diminutive cardboard packeting shortages.

This tepid epiphany of such thin gruel, looking back on retrospect, it’s fair to say the subject was afforded far more of my neurological processing than warranted. Giving this topic more than a seconds thought was wasted effort; particularly when I don’t give a monkey’s chuff about cardboard box configurations.

Although, as I’ve just spent the last hour writing all about Amazon package dimensions, I’ve clearly not learned my lesson about wasting time on the subject. Yesterday’s parcel a new watch for casual wear; this timepiece in possession of many functions, including remaining waterproof up to 50 metres….. I’m just hoping that’s water depth, not 50 metres from the store who sent the product.

Changing the subject swiftly, the skip I’ve spent the week stuffing full of unwanted items from my mum’s garage was this morning picked up by Wakefield Council. Well I’m assuming the layered metal garbage vessel was retrieved by the local authority; not the people who helped themselves to discarded items they evidently took a shine to.

I’m not overly fussed about the three groups of people (a mixture of Eastern Europeans and a local fella) who asked if they could remove the unwanted items that’ve cluttered the garage for years. However, I suspect if I’d not been there at the time they’d have helped themselves to their bounty regardless.

The metal items being chucked were particularly popular with my ‘new friends’. This value of scrap metal contributing to my earlier comment that, if they had the suitable transport to lift the skip, it wouldn’t have been unthinkable for it going for a Burton…… The adage ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ certainly appearing to bear basis in fact.

As I write snow falls heavily in WF3. Well I’m assuming the white powder is frozen rain, not that former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has just sneezed outside of my front bay window. If of course the Manc hell raiser isn’t wearing a mask.

Right, I’m freezing, gonna throw another log on the fire….. Adieu!

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