Don’t Panic?!

Yesterday, while autumnal downpours augmented my already stark mood, manifesting from Leeds’ move into tier three coronavirus restrictions, I found great catharsis in my art.

This therapy manifesting in the form of pencil drawing three caricatures. Each depicting cast members of the classic 1970’s BBC TV comedy Dad’s Army, an act imparting a welcome serenity against prevailing existential gloominess.

Undertaking this trinity of drawings, portraying Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard soldiers Capt Mainwaring, Cpl Jones and Pte Fraser, affording yours truly a therapeutic outlet.

This pastime bequeathing a temporary escape from life’s uninvited evils – Troubles which’ve gained liberty from a metaphorical Pandora’s box going by the name of COVID-19.

God knows who jettisoned the box ajar, but I guess I’m luckier than many sharing scenes seemingly playing out like Hesiod’s myth of Pandora. At least I’ve interests and pastimes which’ll occupy and distract me throughout the inconvenient episode.

Although frustrated at the situation, I count myself serendipitous creative writing and pencil art afford me a brief breathing space from this challenging global starkness.

This breathing space unhindered by masks and being ritually submerged in sheep dip every two hours…… Actually, the latter is a a separate hobby which I prefer to keep under my hat….. Erm, as you were!….. Incidentally, have you seen my hat?!

Anyhow, returning to the trinity of favourite boyhood comedy characters I sketched yesterday…….

I guess the catalyst to selecting these subjects were notions of how the characters catchphrases would perhaps intertwine with emotions Americans my hold during and after today’s US presidential election.

One of my caricatures portraying Dad’s Army character Corporal Jones’ advocacy for peers to “Don’t Panic!” in the face of perilous incidents. A repeated exclamation ironically delivered with mucho panico by the oft fraught NCO.

Also included within my artwork, the curmudgeonly utterances of Private Fraser, from Walmington’s same aforementioned platoon. The Scottish part-time soldier, who combined Home Guard activities with his ‘uplifting’ real role as the fictional town’s undertaker, frequently relaying his platoon were doomed.

The glass fully empty Caledonian chap, although not displaying any outward brio, no doubt inwardly gleeful at the many stark episodes befalling his peers.

As I write, the US presidential election results are still being counted. Despite Biden currently holding a slight lead, as commentators predicted Trump’s started crying the election is fraudulent……. Childlike wittering delivered with his usual lack of evidence to back his empty words….. Is that the sound of the Republican stacked US Supreme Court convening?

Witnessing this win at all costs skullduggery and overt attempts at quashing democracy is utterly sickening. Whether the Cheeto in Chief’s attempts at a coup d’tat succeed we’ll no doubt find out within the next few days.

Whatever the result there’s no doubt going to be displays of the same violent, divisive nonsense which’s proceeded the whole unstatesmanlike shit show.

Scenes which to those, like me, witnessing the unrelenting lies spouted during campaigning, along with open voter suppression, making the ‘Land of the Free’ mantra, oft spouted by the US, an unseemly joke.

To be honest, what I really hate about the US presidential reality show has it’s lured me into journalling about the topic of politics. Yours truly, ordinarily keen at avoiding it’s subject in prose like the plague.

I love writing whimsical fiction based on fact, not penning polemics surrounding deeply held cynicism about all sides of the political divide. A subject GJ Strachan previously wouldn’t want to touch with the longest of barge poles.

However, watching this car crash of an event enraged my sensibilities. Irking me to such an extent I’ve been reeled into chronicling diatribes about the affairs of state for a country I don’t even bloody live in!!….. What the f***, Gary!!

Anyhow, I’m off for a lie down in a darkened room!!….. Has anyone got a valium going spare?

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