True Or False Round

As I’m partaking in a Zoom quiz with buddies this evening, at some point today I’ll need to write a round of questions for the inquisition. As yet, I’ve no idea of the topic of the catechisms I’ll throw into our planned entertainment brew. However no doubt I’ll adopt the same absurd ‘true or false’ format which’s served me pretty well in previous whimsical interrogations.

My input ordinarily a series of non-sensical inquiries similar to the ten examples below:-

True or FalseSteve Austin’s bionic eye, in The Six Million Dollar Man, was actually predominantly used for voyeuristic purposes, including ogling the bosoms of Mrs Gradelwicz who lived two blocks away…… Consequently, filmed footage of the series required heavy editing?

True or FalseCartoon character Dexter, from Cartoon Network animation Dexter’s Laboratory, is currently the scientist closest to procuring a coronavirus vaccine?

True or FalseThe reason stars of TV drama ‘Charlies Angels’ viewers only got to hear Charlies voice, but never see their boss, was a consequence of him being a talking Labrador. The shows producers deeming the sight of a dog assigning tasks to private detectives would detract from the authenticity of the drama?

True or FalseRetired TV weather forecaster Michael Fish has never been dipped in batter and deep fried for six minutes?

True of FalseThe collective noun for a group of insincere TV presenters is a Madeley?

True or FalseTV chef James Martin’s favourite meal is frozen Findus Crispy Pancakes, with a curry flavoured Pot Noodle side?

True of FalseIn the early 1980’s, the BBC deliberately scheduled the light hearted veterinary drama ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ at 6pm to coincide with the time I ate my TV dinner. On a weekly basis, subjecting me to a view of James Herriot lodging his hand up a cow’s posterior just as I was about to consume my Findus Crispy Pancakes? Consequently, ruining my eating experience….. If that was possible with Findus Crispy Pancakes!!

True of FalseDustin Hoffman is such a meticulous method actor that, while portraying autistic savant Raymond Babbitt in 1988 movie Rain Man, he became highly accomplished at speed counting dropped toothpicks?

True of False Child sorcerer Harry Potter is a right clever little s***e?

True or FalseLegendary US comedian Richard Pryor was a leading authority on the UK town of Dudley. Consequently, he spent a few months, in 1978, facilitating tours of the West Midlands?

There we are!….. Ten catechisms which are all clearly false, but if, for example, I decided to ask the above 50/50 chance queries this evening (which I don’t plan to) I’d select four or five of them to be fictionally true.

I’ve no idea if the lads attending these quizzes even read my blogs. However,, in the event they do, I’ll write a separate ten questions of similar absurdity this afternoon.

The round ordinarily maintaining brio levels amongst the chaps. A segment of the evening which, as merely a guessing round with only two answer choices, provides participants with an opportunity to secure cheap points, regardless of their general knowledge wherewithal.

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