Yesterday, during a conversation about facial resemblances of fathers and sons, an acquaintance commented that among the offspring apples that haven’t rolled far from the paternal tree was Charlie Caroili Jr. The entertainer who followed pater Charlie Caroili senior into business as a circus clown.

I didn’t ask, but I’m assuming this friend was alluding to facial parallels between the dad and lad prior to application of makeup worn plying their trade. I can’t believe for one moment the comparison was made referring to the duo while donning full clown garb. A notion that, despite it’s undoubted accuracy, would be of such stupidity it would beggar belief.

Almost as ridiculous as a scene manifesting from my erratic mind of two elderly ladies gossiping in M&S*** cafe. One relaying “I saw that Luke Skywalker in Tescos**** last Tuesday. I tell you what he’s getting just like his dad!”…… Her friend responding “Yes, but thankfully without Darth’s bad temper and nasal congestion issues!”

*** – I used M&S store as an example of where ladies in their dotage may congregate. Other department stores are available….. Well, for the time being at least!

**** – For clarity, I’m unsure if Luke Skywalker shops at Tescos on a weekly basis. I did however see an X-Wing Starfighter parked in it’s Seacroft store car park last Wednesday.

Many people say my adult son and me have a striking resemblance. Hopefully, the ‘striking’ element of the comment isn’t alluding to us both having faces liked slapped arses!….. However, to be certain you’d have to confirm that with those bearing comparison.

storky and me

“He/She is just like…..” is a sentence starter we’ve all used to describe aesthetic similarities between members of the same clan. Sometimes with justification, other times less so, as with my Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker example above.

That being said if Darth removed the helmet you might find he’s the absolute double of his boy. Meaning Luke would’ve potentially found out who his father was in the first movie of the Star Wars trilogy, rather than waiting to be told by his dark hearted old man in its sequel The Empire Strikes Back.

These days, with significant developments in medical science since Star Wars hit our screens, Luke would only need to take Vadar on The Jeremy Kyle Show to undergo a paternity test to resolve parental uncertainties. Although persuading his father to remove his black helmet to allow DNA swabbing might prove tricky, potentially requiring intervention from a few of Kyle’s heavies.

Going back to Charlie Cairoli jr and his late pop, if I’m honest I’ve no idea how facially similar they were when bereft of jesters makeup. I could Google it, but I’m unsure whether it’s research that’d add anything to this literary nonsense.

As a kid I saw Cairoli the elder on a few occasions at the Blackpool Tower Circus. Little did I know in those fledgling years sitting in the Big Top watching the legendary clown, I’d be writing him fifty years hence. Not really getting the humour in a clown’s performance, my thoughts back then were I’d hope the lions would eat him!