I feel the earth move under my feet I feel the sky tumbling down I feel my heart start trembling Whenever you're around A poetic verse from the pen of American song/writer Carole King. A divulgent proclamation starting her 1971 hit named after the first pentad of the lyric. Lexilogical meanderings overtly expressing to her … Continue reading Beautiful

The Revamp

Tuesday 29th May - This morning, I've revamped the look and feel of my website - A fiddly task where customising the site to my aesthetic requirements isn't ordinarily achieved without significant trial and error. I liken the process to that of attempting to 'wind up' my adult children. That a strategy of antagonising … Continue reading The Revamp

Jock Lock & One Smoking Farrell

Wednesday 23rd May - I rarely attempt to pen a monologue around an epiphany of a blog heading. Ordinarily, the narrative title is the final element to the literary piece - Added after the selection of website categories and tags. Today, though, following an idea for a blog heading based on the Guy Ritchie movie … Continue reading Jock Lock & One Smoking Farrell

Return of the Strach

Sunday 20th May - Yesterday, chez Strachan's lunchtime was graced with the presence of my son Jonny and his fiancée Jenny. Their arrival enhancing the already aesthetically pleasing late spring views bestowed by my modestly sized garden. A chromatic sight for my sleep deprived sore eyes. My boy greeted me with a hug and a … Continue reading Return of the Strach

Strachan’s Shopping Centre Slackness

Friday 18th May - Yesterday afternoon, during an odyssey to Leeds' White Rose Shopping Centre, I mislaid the key fob adorning my car and house keys. If I'd have been a prison warden from nearby Armley Jail, who'd misplaced a key ring bearing cell keys for B Wing (or indeed any other cells), this laxness … Continue reading Strachan’s Shopping Centre Slackness

Tuffy Hardcase & The Rhum Deal

Thursday 17th May - I'm sat writing this monologue at the salon of my mum's hairdresser. My attendance here that of dutiful son patiently awaiting to drive his mater home post-haircut. Despite me being firmly entrenched in middle-age, mum feel moved to promise me a bag of M&S Peppa Pig candies if I'm a good … Continue reading Tuffy Hardcase & The Rhum Deal

Weather Sucks; Wetherspoons

Tuesday 17th April - Yesterdays rocketing temperatures in West Yorkshire meant I was able to fulfil my much awaited re-entry into the world of horticultural maintenance. Solar rays bequeathing us warmth hitherto unexperienced in 2018. Heat of such ferocity if you sat close enough to a fire pit it was just about bearable enough to … Continue reading Weather Sucks; Wetherspoons