Although hits on my website have been healthy of late, I've been mulling over strategies to increase exposure to these narratives. My aspiration to seek initiatives that increase readership volumes at a swifter rate than it's current sloth-like organic growth. The aim to further showcase my thousands of hours of creative output. A gimmick … Continue reading Accentuation

Filling In The Blanks

Friday 11th May - When I woke I'd not much planned for my day. Conspicuous by it's presence, the white space from my old school paper diary forlornly stared back at me - It's chaste pages bereft of itinerary. As it was, my morning was anything but empty. If it had been pre-planned in my … Continue reading Filling In The Blanks

Philosophically Speaking

Respected French philosopher Aidan Le Torche said of the weather “If it’s cold wear a coat..... If it’s warm don’t wear a coat..... If it’s mild wear a fleece, but not the grey one as it needs a wash.” It wasn’t the most thought provoking or, indeed, inspiring piece of philosophy ever written. However, if adhered to in … Continue reading Philosophically Speaking

Don’t Panic!

On the 23rd December Panic Saturday will be upon us. A recent inclusion in the festive calendar, I have it on good authority it's the moniker bestowed upon the last Saturday before Christmas Day. A godforsaken few hours in retail purgatory, that would be worthy of entry in a contemporary re-write of Dante's Inferno. An inclusion in … Continue reading Don’t Panic!

You Could Have Parked There, Gary!

The overwhelming feelings of anger and frustration I felt between my father's passing and his funeral thankfully abated last week. I'm unsure what the catalyst was for this new found tranquillity, but it feels like my old man is perched on my shoulder advocating "Calm down, Gary! Anger is a futile emotion...... Oh, and can you put the Irish Lottery … Continue reading You Could Have Parked There, Gary!

You Have Mail

Today marks the first anniversary of the death of the Ray Tomlinson, the man credited with inventing email, at the age of 74. It's unknown if the New York engineer left an ‘out of office’ message advising he'll respond when he next has wifi coverage. Similarly, rumours of burial in a deleted mail bin at … Continue reading You Have Mail

Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic!

Today is Panic Saturday! Apparently, it is the name that has been bestowed upon the last Saturday before Christmas Day. I'm not sure why we in the UK have started titling certain days of the year in this way. Up until a year or two back,  I'd never heard of 'Black Friday', 'Panic Saturday', 'Cyber … Continue reading Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic!