Unhelpful Aide Memoires

It's 09.58 on Saturday 3rd November. Sitting at the dining room table of my east Leeds domicile, I'm snacking on the Haribo gummy sweets leftover from Halloween washed down by tap water source from a West Yorkshire reservoir (I think).. On the red armchair to my right, lolling unceremoniously adjacent to a cream cushion emblazoned with … Continue reading Unhelpful Aide Memoires

Mulling, Contemplating & Pondering

I'm inspirationally impotent this morning. Consequently the last twenty minutes have been spent gawping gormlessly at the taunting chaste page in front of me. If you want a more descriptive image of my visage, think Irishman in a maths exam*. * Only joshing my Celtic cousins! Bereft of a epiphany for today's blog topic, I … Continue reading Mulling, Contemplating & Pondering


Although hits on my website strachan.blog have been healthy of late, I've been mulling over strategies to increase exposure to these narratives. My aspiration to seek initiatives that increase readership volumes at a swifter rate than it's current sloth-like organic growth. The aim to further showcase my thousands of hours of creative output. A gimmick … Continue reading Accentuation

Tuffy Hardcase & The Rhum Deal

Thursday 17th May - I'm sat writing this monologue at the salon of my mum's hairdresser. My attendance here that of dutiful son patiently awaiting to drive his mater home post-haircut. Despite me being firmly entrenched in middle-age, mum feel moved to promise me a bag of M&S Peppa Pig candies if I'm a good … Continue reading Tuffy Hardcase & The Rhum Deal

Rhyming Conundrums

Uninvited, unexpected, unwelcome and under our skin, heavy snow is once again 'gracing' the populace of West Yorkshire. Woken by my spouse Karen's singing as she ironed, this morning I jumped out of bed to be greeted yet again by a carpet of snowflakes...... It's no good, I'm going to have to get that flaming … Continue reading Rhyming Conundrums

Floats Like A Butterfly, Sings Like Kiri

One Fine Day We Shall See - An aria in Act 2 of opera Madama Butterfly. A scene where Nagasaki girl Coi-Coi San misguidedly opines to sceptical maid Suzuki that, despite it being three years since last seeing her husband, her marriage remains strong. As fragrant tree blossom cascades gently onto the women, Ms San … Continue reading Floats Like A Butterfly, Sings Like Kiri

Don’t Panic!

On the 23rd December Panic Saturday will be upon us. A recent inclusion in the festive calendar, I have it on good authority it's the moniker bestowed upon the last Saturday before Christmas Day. A godforsaken few hours in retail purgatory, that would be worthy of entry in a contemporary re-write of Dante's Inferno. An inclusion in … Continue reading Don’t Panic!