Offspring Art

Exhausting the superlatives utilised to describe the enchantment of the Lake District has it’s challenges. In the absence of a better simile, the degree of difficulty in achieving the paucity of adjectives is akin to an inward high board dive incorporating a tuck, pike, along with a straight water entry.

For centuries the aesthetic splendour of the area has inspiring countless artists in various fields of creative art. Individuals who via the medium of word, brush or photograph have conveyed epiphanies galvanised within the Lake District National Park’s borders.

With this in mind, earlier I felt moved to attempt penning a sonnet of how my Cumbrian surroundings energised my thoughts and soul. It went something (well exactly) like this:-

Scene of Wordsworth wordplay

Samuel tailored Coleridge cogitations

Ambleside, lakeside eastside on Anglo’s westside

Waters edge witnessing whimsical Windermere

Largest Anglo lake

Caledonian cousins usurp scale, though monster may mooch.


Ambling aside lakeside

Early risers aplenty,

Chatter though fails to overwhelm serenity served visual

Sight’s that stirred Sam and Will at will

Millions have witnessed thine enchantment

But few have truly seen.


Ordinarily undemonstrative  muckers amaze at ocular munificence

Sights witnessed between consuming meds of middle-age and millionaire game

Questions of Brucie and forsythia flower colour

Yellow the audience’s correct consensus

No material millionaires forthcoming

Though lakeside visual riches aplenty.


Beer tricks aplenty for middle-aged marra’s

Though not of Ms Potter’s type

Rabbit her conception nearby

Though born where streets paved with gold

Beatrix’s affinity to Cumberland never petering out

Lived in peace, resting in peace.


Rolling hills, water-filled gorges

Anger during creation no longer thine suitor

Magna, lava, fissures, teutonic plates

Geological father, nature thine mother

Ullwater, Coniston Water, Derwentwater amongst siblings

Offspring artistic bounty inspired by your splendour.

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