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Twitter Ye Not

In today’s earlier blog Order of Service I concluded the piece with a tongue in cheek reference to thoughts surrounding the future evolution possibilities of hybrid fuel cars. In particular, the unlikely fitting of a chimney to vehicles, giving the automobile’s owner further options to power their motors via petrol (or diesel), […]

Careless Critiques

Around four summers ago I started a Twitter account called @MovieLazy as an alternative writing conduit to my then existing personal Twitter account @gjstrac63. It was inspired by a member of my family who when asked about the plot line of six times Oscar winning 1942 movie Mrs Miniver, answered […]


As a middle-age gent somewhat detached from street parler, a consequence of not being down with the kids, I’m occasionally baffled by the social media acronyms that confront me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The more widely used terms, such as lol (laugh out loud), pmsl (pee myself laughing) and gtg (go […]

Though Shalt Not Wear Leather Elbow Pads

Erudite, engaging, enlightening and interesting. Four words that begin with the letter ‘e’ (apart from interesting) that can be used to describe writer/comedian, clever s***e and man with at least 4 ‘O’ levels, Stephen Fry. Mr Fry, who is no relation to late ex-Carry On film star Bernard Bresslaw, is […]

Unwanted Gift, Unwanted Guest

After penning a narrative yesterday about my dad, who is a poorly chap at the minute, I was heartened to be the recipient of kind feedback, along with good wishes from family and friends. Amongst this was a request for me to write more about him (Mally) as “…he seems a really nice guy.” […]